Dino Patti doesn’t like driving trucks to Japan to have physical discs delivered, prefers digital

What is it with head honchos of game companies making idiotic comments? Watch this keynote that John Carmack made in this year’s Quakecon (a whole book would have to be written to explain it). No matter how much money they get, how popular their games are, I guess you could say that they’re still just humans like us capable of mistakes here and there. You probably wouldn’t know who Dino Patti is and so did I until I read this off of Joystiq. Mr. Patti is the boss over at Playdead, the guys who did that cool XBLA game called Limbo. He also doesn’t understand why there’s still a physical media in the video game industry. In a recent interview on Eurogamer, here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t understand how anyone can make money out of this. Driving a truck to Japan just to get it delivered to people when they can get it from the net? Hopefully the new consoles will embrace the download space even more.”

While driving a truck to Japan from where he comes from is basically impossible, he also made some OK (just ok) points on the current physical model. I certainly don’t think the physical media will go away. Think of this as MP3s, it revolutionized the music industry and Apple sold millions of iPods and yet, every car is still equip with cd players. Stores still carries CDs and cd players..

What do you guys think? When do you think physical media will lose it’s steam?



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  1. The guy is a doofus…LOL
    More to the point, if Netflix customer reaction is at least microcosmically indicative of general reaction to less physical media, I don’t see it going anywhere for another 5 years at least…

  2. He’s … MAJOR DOOFUS! Physical Media will never go away. Heck I still buy physical CD’s, rip them to my PSP and go about my day. The only time I buy MP3’s is if it’s an exclusive.

    But I digress. Steam has already shown problems with downloading full games. I’ve had several install malfunctions. I prefer the standard DVD-ROM and CD Key system.

  3. i fear for the next generation of apple tvs. they’ve already showed what it could do with ipads/iphones. if anyone would make an impact towards digitally distributed games, it would be Apple. look how much the handheld market had changed in just over a year. iphones, ipod shuffles, ipods, and android devices combined altered the way game publishers made and decide which platform to choose. the 99cents model is looking more and more appealing each day.

    i also fear that the PSVita will fail miserably. its survival in my opinion is very crucial to the handheld gaming market. if it cant take off a few months after its release, its game over for sony and the 3ds as well. i hate thinking about all of this and i would really hate that nintendo be reduced to a company like sega.

  4. Obviously John Carmack hasn’t lived in a place like Australia, where Internet speeds go at a snails’ pace, and bandwidth actually costs money. Yeah, downloading a 7-10 GB game doesn’t cost that much in the US, but that is reaching the upper limits of a monthly allotment of bandwidth in some countries.

  5. There will always be a percentage of the population who will prefer the physical media but only time will tell how large that percentage will be.
    Next year digital music will surpass physical music in sales and as we’ve seen vinyl is event making a bit of a comeback (though small).
    Eventually digital sales will overtake physical sales in the game industry but there will always be a market for physical media though it will continue to decrease.

    Developers and Publishers see retail outlets like Gamestop making billions of dollars a year on reselling their games (physical media)which is profit that really should be going to the people killing themselves to make that content, so it makes sense to cut out the middle man, the retail chains.

  6. Personally I wouldn’t mind never having to find a place for a jewel case, drive to a b&m game store on my day off or wait for a console to sloooooowly read data off a crazy fragile physical medium again. Thankfully Steam has already brought that day to PCs, all I need now is for the consoles to break free of Gamestop’s tyranny.

  7. I cant stand digital downloads of games. For example, I just purchased Battlefield 3 for PC. It came with 2 DVD’s. The ONLY way it would install was by installing Origin off the disk, and then it went to the web to DOWNLOAD 11.3gb game. (Come to find out this was a bug) but it was a pain in the ass.

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