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More Nintendo Musical Cookie Jars – Toad & Peach

The prices on these seem kind of random lately.

Toad is currently $50 with three days to go. Last one sold went for around $100 loose.
Peach is currently $250 with three days to go. She has sold for $275 boxed semi recently.


Promo Sony PlayStation Jet X2O Blue Iceberg Paperweight

Promo SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog Mousepad – The seller of this and the weight has a very cool item soon to be listed. One that I haven`t seen before and sounds awesome.
Large Philips CD-i Lot – Two console, two NFR games, lots of homebrews and more.
Nimble Numbers Ned (Odyssey2/Videopac) CIB – Extremely rare box, but given that it O2 – it might sell cheap.
SongMate by Spectravideo for Atari 2600 New and Sealed


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  1. Be careful if you buy the paperweight. They aren’t built so well and I’ve had one or two just start leaking…out of the blue… so to speak.

  2. Those cookie jars are probably random because of the people buying them – very few collectors, but those who are collecting are desperate means big fluctuations.

  3. Most of the stuff you list lately has either already ended or ended within hours after the post. So it is pretty useless. I must say this site is not as good as it used to be. I think I’ll remove it from my bookmarks.

    • we dont paid to post what you see on here. if you have a life like we do, that explains why the listings are within hours away of ending. it takes time (meaning an hour or two) to look through and consider an auction or a listing to be posted onto this blog. we dont always have the time, and we dont always find the most unique items at times – but we will try and we do try even if it takes 6 days to notice an item that will end in 1 or within a few hours.

      having us deleted on your bookmarks isn’t going to help make the situation better.

      • Many of the posted items lately are not well chosen. For example Crack’ed for the Atari 2600. That item can be purchased for $30 and the auction for $130 is a rip off. It seems like someone just searched for “atari prototype” on eBay and posted the results here. I’m following this site since well over 1 year and the quality of the posts is declining.

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