GameGavel Going Free

Mike of GameGavel has been grinding it out for four years now and while the site has never reached the tipping point to truly compete with eBay in the games market, they definately have their place.

Right now they aree running a free seller promotion so everyone who registers before midnight (EST) tonight, Tuesday, November 15th, will be upgraded to a free seller account where they pay no listing or selling fees whatsoever, for life. The goal is to help increase the number of listings and to help bring in more buyers. All current members are going to be upgraded as well.



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  1. Just signed up and even though theres no fees as advertised, you have to pay a subscription fee to sell… I found this article very misleading. Oh well back to ebay

  2. Hey Michael,

    The subscription model is our standard fee model. Those that have upgraded free seller accounts obviously won’t pay this, as indicated in all my notices. Hope that clears it up. Thanks,

  3. What would be the advantage for buyers? There aren’t many listings at all. How is GameGavel marketing their website? Interested in selling with other avenues than Ebay and Amazon but looks like very little traffic….

  4. Another question, Is there any API for this site to program against in order to list games and pull ones that sell, etc. so you don’t have to do this by hand?

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