Small Business Saturday: Shop your local independent game stores

They might have moved to a different location.. They might have even changed names over the years.. They might have started to carry other things other than video games.. Their business might have even gotten tighter now that there’s online trade-ins.. But whatever reasons there may be, your local independent game store will appreciate your support during the busy holiday season where most of the shopping is done online and on big chain stores. An independent store is somewhat of dying breed thanks to GameStop and online merchants like Amazon. But despite all the challenges they face, some of them actually still exist.

Thanks to a shopping holiday called Small Business Saturday, small businesses in the United States get to enjoy the stream of sales that will go by this Thanksgiving weekend. There may be a small amount of them registered for this event but we at gameSniped encourages all our readers (in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world) to shop their favorite or newly found independent video game stores this Saturday, November 26th.

How do you find independent video game store these days? For me, I use Google Maps and search for “Video Games” around your area. There’s also a very large list of independent game stores also located on Google Maps. Happy hunting!

P.S. What was the rarest or most valuable game you ever found at independent video game store?

photo courtesy of Giant Bomb (Pax East 2011). Guy in the center is my brother in law who works for the indie game store videogamesnewyork down in The Village here in NYC.



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  1. This ticks me off. I don’t have a local independant Game Store. I have Walmart and GameStop. Sadly I take my business to GameStop where that store’s employees treat me as an intelligent human being not another number in the finacial books like walmart.

    However, I just won’t buy games this year. Support your local business. Screw the corporate chains. Their a sick plague on this land.

  2. i shop at a place in my city called Replay Games ( Collector’s from all over Western Canada come to this place to buy video games. Amazing selection, good prices, hard to find stuff.

    Some of the games in the display case are crazy. At one time there was a complete Flintstones: Surpise at Dinosaur Peek, CIB Bubble Bobble 2, CIB Snatcher, CIB Earthbound, CIB Cheetahmen 2. Pretty great stuff.

  3. i would love to buy a a cib earthbound. ive seen a few indie stores selling them in the past but all carts.

    2 years ago i went to an indie store down in harlem called Game Sim. theyve always had a few rare and hard to find stuff usually at a great price. i found a shantae there once and paid only $12. i was around that are recently and noticed theyre closed πŸ™

  4. There’s only one indie store here in Chicago, and it’s too far away from me. I do go whenever I’m in the neighborhood though.

  5. I live in Upstate New York and we’ve had a Renaissance (so to speak) of independent video game stores in my area–there are literally more than 10 that sell retro games within 30 minutes of each other. There are 3-4 that are fantastic and really cater to both the casual nostalgic fan and collector alike, while some are overpriced and you can tell are just in it to rip off video game fans. If anyone is ever in the Albany, NY area, I’d encourage you to check out and

  6. I’m in the Rochester/Buffalo area of Upstate New York. The best indy store around here is called Game Craze (no relation to the Hollywood Video chain). I’ve been shopping there for over 12 years and one of the things I like best (on top of the games, which they have TONS of) is that employee retention seems to be a priority with them. I’ve gotten to know a few of the guys over the years and they’ve grown to know me and my tastes. The rarest thing I’ve seen recently is a CIB N64 Transformers and CIB set of Mega Man 1-6.

  7. The one local “gamestore” that we have here is closing down because we now have a best buy and gamestop here… There goes my retro buys etc…

  8. I drove a half hour to go to a local game store yesterday just to find out it had closed a couple of months earlier πŸ™ It was a pretty neat place, not a lot of rarities but just one guy running it with his two daughters. On a side note I did end up finding Valkyrie Profile PSX at Goodwill the same day.

  9. Brick and mortar stores have began to restrict coupon employ at the purchasing getaway, bill, and monthly

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