Cougar Boy / Mega Duck Handheld

The Cougar Boy is basically a very horrible and stupidly named Gameboy clone.

It’s pretty rare, especially stateside but not exactly in high demand. In South America (primarily Brazil), it was sold as the “Cougar Boy”. While in in France, the Netherlands, and Germany it was sold as the “Mega Duck”.

The cartridges are very similar to the ones of the Watara Supervision, but slightly narrower with fewer contacts.

Link (Thanks K!)

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  1. Anyone ever play one? Is the screen as bad as Supervision was.. ie: blurry?

    My friends got me a Supervision as a gift since it was cheap. The store that carried it had about 30 or 40 games.. whatever the number it was a lot. I regret not buying every one and saving them.

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