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Devil May Cry Decanter

According to the seller these were made as gifts for the Editors of the game upon release. He figures there are likely less than twenty of these in existence and got it directly from a Capcom employee who designed it. Unfortunately, it is missing one glass.



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  1. I’d guess that there are more likely 50-100 decanters. DreamTr has one and so do I so there are bound to be others as well. That is a pretty high price for a set missing a glass.

  2. ^^^ I am the Seller. The 20 was info I got off other sites who had pics of info of this item (Hard to find info online). The price is just an asking price so to not give anything away, which is why a put “Encourage Offers” in the listing. Due to the rarity, there are not any comparable sales that I can point to. It is a BUMMER that it is missing a glass, but I can’t do anything about it, short of having one made which is just not the same. This did come from the Former Marketing Director at Capcom, so my sources and info are very good.

  3. Perhaps 20 were made for employees but more were made for members of the press. The ones I know of prior to this one were all obtained from members of the press. The 20 number as a total is off.

    • I am not going to dispute that as I put “it is likely”. I have no other info that would leave me to believe any other numbers. What is you opinion of what this is worth given it is missing a glass?

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