Ultima Escape From Mt. Drash Vic 20 Casette

My World’s Most Expensive Video Games article badly needs an update, as I wrote it four years ago. I mention this as Ultima Escape From Mt. Drash is one of the games listed there. Since then I wrote about it again, this time updating with some previously unknown information.

Few copies of this cassette have been found and the game holds the distinction of being one of the highest priced PC games ever.

The game itself is a very simple series of three-dimensional randomly generated dungeons, and the idea is to destroy all monsters that stand in way and exit to the next level. There is a time limit as well. The game doesn’t employ custom graphics, but rather uses VIC-20’s graphical characters to draw the game scenes.

There are several incorrect assumptions about the game that were disproved by a legit seeming comment on one of my original posts.

Basically, the game was complete legit in terms of licensing and the game was just too late to market. Plus it wasn’t very fun to play. This insider also believes there were slightly over 2500 of these made, but no more than 5000. If you believe the question on the auction as well from Richard Garriott he confirms that it was approved. I’m calling fake on the Garriott post though.

First copies of the game were discovered and announced in 2000 and the first online auction of a copy was in September 2003.

I have no idea where pricing on this is now. When I last wrote about it I quoted previous sales at $700.00 for a lose cartridge and $1,700 to $3,600 for a complete copy with a 2009 sale for a boxed copy sans manual fetching$1,875.00 U.S. Last I knew there were fifteen known copies, of which three are complete. One copy was even once sold by a zero feedback seller – quite an epic first sale I must say.

Auction Here


  1. The rarest game in the world is a brand new sealed UK first edition release of mario party 8 for the nintendo wii that was pulled away from shelves after the first day of its release. Removed because of the word “spastic” being mentioned in the game and here in the UK that word is offensive and was replaced with the word “erratic”. Also not all of the copies on launch day were affected, only some of the discs were. I am the only known person in the world who has one of them still sealed and its confirmed to be the one as i bought 2 copies in a shop and opened and played one and it was the spastic recalled version.

      • Tell me another game that is rarer then? I have been collecting rare games since 2005, i know what i am talking about. Your just jealous. Dont say “No its not” and not leave a reason why.

        • Let’s see…

          NBA Elite PS3 for one. The 360 version hasn’t even surfaced and it was most definitely pressed, so there’s one game rarer. There’s also Propeller Arena and Half Life for the DC which were confirmed pressed and never hit store shelves and also still unfound. If we’re talking about recalled games, if it was even sold for an hour on store shelves, it’s not even close to “the rarest game in the world”. Deeper to the point, you are talking about a Mario Party game that likely had a significant initial pressing.

          I hate to break it to you, if you were able to get one, many, many other people were able to as well. If it wasn’t pulled BEFORE release, other people got the chance to buy it. Just because you, a game collector, has it doesn’t mean Mrs. British of Wales didn’t buy one for Jimmy for his birthday the day it was released too and was all shocked by spastic being emblazoned on their copy.

          If we’re epeening, then I better jump in as well. I’ve been collecting ‘rare games’ since 1998. “Your jealous” (The Englishman doesn’t have a solid grasp of English, apparently) of what? Some hoser on a comments thread has a WORD VARIANT of a Mario Party game? Oh god help me. I better rub my Stadium Events cart all over me to calm my emotions.

          • what makes mine rare is that its still SEALED and brand new and that means something, these fantasy copies of NBA etc mean nothing. who cares about NBA? having a MARIO game with a defect is 100 times more important than a crappy sports title that doesnt even fully exist, so its not even an official game, its like a homebrew game and like i said only a few copies of mario party 8 were affected, not all the ones on launch day. people on here cant read properly. also there are so many NTSC copies of stadium events out there that its not even rare anymore, it used to be a holy grail, but now i dont think so! my MARIO party is not a word variant, its a RUDE word variant, not just a typo.

          • if these fantasy copies of NBA and (some shitty called game) “propeller arena” have “never even surfaced” and “never hit store shelves” and are still unfound then that means only one thing: THEY NO LONGER EXIST! they have been destroyed just like atari destroyed those ET cartridges in the landfill. and i have seen a few NBA ones on the PS3 sell for crazy money, only of course to crazy people who just *love* being the first all the time to play new games. lol

  2. It’s like the people who say that Tengen Tetris is the most rare game ever.

    Even if there aren’t many Mario Party 8 from the initial pressing out there, it still amounts to nothing more than a variant, which might matter to all of 10 people.

    • what makes mine rare is that its still SEALED and brand new and that means something, these fantasy copies of NBA etc mean nothing. who cares about NBA? having a MARIO game with a defect is 100 times more important than a crappy sports title that doesnt even fully exist, so its not even an official game, its like a homebrew game and like i said only a few copies of mario party 8 were affected, not all the ones on launch day. people on here cant read properly…

      • Ok, you’re officially a troll, and a bad one at that. Either that, or you’re incredibly stupid.

        Let’s assume you’re not a troll and are in fact incredibly stupid.

        All of your perspective is a pathetic attempt to feel important about yourself and everything you said is opinion, not fact. Because YOU think Mario is more important than the NBA, then the Mario Party “means something” and anything else does not. Using words like ‘100 times more important’ makes you sound like a child.

        Prove “only a few copies were affected” of the PAL Mario Party 8. You have no proof at all. It’s complete hearsay that you are using as a tool to brag and try and make yourself feel important. You’re not. You’re just an idiot grasping at straws. You have no evidence other than what you believe, which is solely enforced by your desire to seem important in the face of others.

        You must be under 21 because it’s the only thing that can explain your limited worldview. In a couple years, you’ll realize how narrow minded and stupid you sound. Your take on Stadium Events is so incredibly wrong that there is no point in even responding to it. Your take on Propeller Arena is even worse – apparently you don’t know the back stories of the 2600 Kid Vid and Cheetahmen II for the NES, as just two examples. For someone who has collected since 2005, you really don’t know much at all.

        • LOL i have the ultimate proof that only a few copies were affected. PLEASE use your few brain cells that you have and READ the articles that are all over google about the incident yourself. I strongly believe that you are the one who is a troll, a jealous one at that. Stadium events had been featured too many times on this website now, i have been a reader of this website since 2008. I dont care about some crappy named game called propeller arena. Your arguments mean nothing, what you say i will take with a pinch of salt. How long is a piece of string?

        • “[Mario Party 8] was launched in the UK today. Unfortunately we have discovered that a small number of games contain the wrong version of the disk due to an assembly error. We have therefore decided to recall all copies of the game from UK retailers so that this mistake can be corrected,” reads the official Nintendo website.


          • At no point do you prove, as you said in your very first post, that THIS GAME IS THE RAREST GAME IN THE WORLD. This is far from the only recalled game out there.

            Here’s what I want you to do. Go to, sign up for the forums and enlighten the masses. You won’t, because you’re too chickenshit to stand your ground. You’d be eaten alive.

            Again, you want this to be your shining moment, so Stadium Events, Propeller Arena, Half Life, NBA Elite, Video Life, Magicard, Darius Alpha, NCC 1991, etc etc become immaterial. At no point do you give any evidence why this Mario Party 8 is more rare than any of these.

            You blow them off because you THINK you’re right because you want to seem important. You’re not. You’re just a colossal moron.

            And to badinsults’s point, find me another person who cares. I can find you 100 people who care about owning a copy of Stadium Events. You’re the only person who gives a shit about a word variant for Mario Party 8.

        • Yes i am fully aware other people in england have a mario party 8 recalled version, but there one is USED and OPENED. mine is SEALED and BRAND NEW. no one else has this. both version are exactly identical on the outside, so theres no way to tell whos got what. What a jealous troll you are….

          • Lol, right. Totally jealous I don’t have a word variant for a first party Wii game. The only reason I’m making these replies is because I THINK YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT AND YOU NEED TO BE RIDICULED FOR YOUR LIMITED AND NARROW MINDED POINT OF VIEW.

            Whatever. You’re not going to back down because this is all you got. I’ll just have watch in awe of your idiocy and to console myself with my 6200+ game/120+ system collection.

  3. Let’s just do a specific example. It is fact, confirmed by the owners of Commavid, that there are 25 copies of Video Life. Prove that there are less than 25 copies of Mario Paty 8 in circulation.

    • Here’s another: Gold Nintendo World Championship 1990. Again, 25 copies, won solely by sweepstakes from Nintendo Power. Prove that there are less than 25 copies of the Mario Party 8 Variant. While these were not sold but given away, you are claiming Mario Party 8 Variant is “the rarest game in the world” which makes no distinction between sold, recalled or prize giveaways.

      • Oh wise moron from the UK, enlighten me. If the copy you have is sealed, the one heralded as world’s rarest, how do you know FOR SURE that the copy you have sealed is one of the variants? Just because you opened one does NOT mean it is. If it’s “a small number” that was intermixed with the initial run, there is absolutely no proof that your magic sealed copy is the real deal. The only way to have proof is to open it and play it.

        • i have MANY rarities, far more than you which include a sealed blister pack nintendo love tester from 1969, a purple nintendo crossover puzzle from 1981, various gameboy rarities, nintendo custom gunman toy from the 70s still brand new, red sega game gear console still brand new, prototype cyberworld games console mockup. i can go on forever, my rarities list is never ending ^^

          • Portnoyd, why not trade in your “6200 game, 120 system” collection and start collecting used tissues. Getting this annoyed will only cause you mental health problems. When you get this wound up about something someone has said on the internet you know there is something missing in your life. And kaleb, if you’re using wiki as proof of the rarity you know it’s probably innacurate. Be confident that an ebay aiction for this game wouldnt raise £20000+
            I’ve had a copy of the politicall incorrect MP8, I got it from cex. It can’t be that rare if i’ve had it, even though I have a mental collection of soft furnishings and at least 62 games, all purchased from car booters!

      • LOL i would have betted my life that you was gonna bring the NWC up. i already proved a point with evidence that only a small amount of games were affected. so now its your turn to prove something to me, i am the only one who has mario party 8 recalled sealed, find me someone else who has one! you cant because there isnt anyone else who does, otherwise someone would have mentioned it in a forum on some website of posted a youtube video etc

        • Don’t dodge the question by trying to turn it around. Answer the fucking question:

          Prove it is rarer than the gold NWC and Video Life, both two games CONFIRMED to a specific amount of copies. You can’t because all you are spouting is hearsay.

          • LOL your game room? mine WAS on youtube, i had a very popular gaming channel that had over 2000 subscribers and partnership status, but then closed it as too many jealous trolls like you kept on with tiny stupid arguments about my rarities.

          • why are you swearing/cursing? did i hit a nerve or something? lol i hope the authors of this website BAN you from reading articles on here anymore. Your collection is nothing, for me its quality not quantity, 5 of my games are worth the same as 500 of yours…

          • Nice small game & watch collection you have, i have half the series (around 30 games) still brand new, some even sealed! and some rarities like a POKKA mario bros.

          • Total bullshit.

            Again and again and again.

            No proof your Mario Party variant is rarest in the world.

            No proof the Mario Party 8 variant is rarer than the gold NWC and Video Life.

            No proof you actually have the game collection you say.

            You are a liar, idiot and troll. While this has been fun watching you bullshit up a storm, it’s really getting us nowhere.

          • LOL no proof about me and my rarities? check out my channel on youtube sensationphenomenon i have a few old videos up of my collection which also include the worlds rarest game console, 1 of only 10 in the world F1 team jordan ps1 console… again, i have proved you wrong. I REST MY CASE X 3

          • You keep saying you rest your case.. with no evidence for:

            No proof your Mario Party variant is rarest in the world.

            No proof the Mario Party 8 variant is rarer than the gold NWC and Video Life.

            If I went into a court and stood up, claiming things without evidence, I would be laughed out of the court.

            Oh, and stellar youtube channel. The 172 hits you got for Michael Jackson video is riveting.

            Holy shit, so you ARE 18 after all. Called it. …..ROFL, Justin Bieber of the gaming world? Omfg I’m crying here, this is so fucking hilarious. How about you rap like Eminem for me? INFINILOL x INFINILOL.

            Seriously, please admit you’re trolling. I would feel a lot better if you admit you are doing this for lulz and not doing this because you actually believe what you say.

          • Holy fuck, you are a massive troll by the name of ashenclone. I love it. Well played, sir. While the troll battle was fun, I think I’ll cut my losses and move on.

          • there is no evidence of me trolling anyone on youtube except for some fat jealous guy who made fake screen caps using my name and uploaded videos onto his channel

  4. Maybe all of 10 people care about the rarity of a sealed game versus an unsealed game. Multiply that together with the variant issue, and all of 1 person cares about a rare sealed variant.

  5. Kaleb Honey, it’s time to get off the Internetwebs and come eat your breakfast! I made it just the way you like it, Berry Kix with extra Milk. Hurry up sweetums!

          • Kalen, my policy with gS has always been very minimal and sometimes non existance moderation. Heck, there’s tons of comment threads in places directly attacking me.

            I generally only shut them down if they get to personal or just include more swearing and attacks than useful content.

            You obviously feel strongly about MP, and while I don’t exactly agree, you are entitled to your opinion – as is Port and others.

  6. LOL at Port calling someone a faggot and then linking to his stuff animal collection!

    Run away bitch! This fat-impotent mother fucker owns the web!

  7. So.. let’s see.. this guy has some Mario game.. SOME of the games had a different word in it.. he bought two at a store and opened one to confirm it’s the one they pulled off shelves.. he didn’t open the second one, so how does he knows it’s the same thing inside? Only SOME of them had the error. Who’s to say when they were placed in the box all of the ones with the wrong word got placed in that box? Who’s also to say that if a box contains 12 games for example, but the conveyor belt only had 11 games, and the 12th one they picked up from some other stack?

    Tengen Tetris used to be harder to find and worth more, but after awhile there were so many of them to be found the price dropped.

    • The 2 games themselves are the same as the normal versions, nothing special except the packaging they came in.

      • Okay, how about this one:

        Final Fight Guy
        NA Version
        Black Box

        The NA version of the game is somewhat rare itself, as it was a Blockbuster rental exclusive.

        Since it was a rental-exclusive, obviously, sealed copies of it are pretty rare.

        The versions rented through Blockbuster came in an orange box… No one has any idea about the black box version or where it came from, except that it appears to be super-legit as Nintendo of Canada auctioned off one of only two known copies for United Way some time ago.

        So, not only is it a pretty rare game (of which Mario Party 8 is not), it’s a super-rare variant with unknown origins. And you can tell it’s the variant version without having to open it – is there any way to tell, 100% for certain, that your version is the variant version without opening it?

        • the only thing i keep reading on here about “your game is not rarer than this game” is the fact that all anyone keeps on bringing up are these mystery games, games that are “unknown” and games that were never released before and games that are special hyper pro versions “never known about” etc etc its all a load of nonsense. firstly i will correct what i previously said in my first post, my game is the rarest SEALED game in the world, not the rarest (used/opened) game in the world, my game is also an OFFICIAL release and not some kind of “one off” or prototype sample or a game that no one has ever even seen before. so before you try and compare my game to something else, make sure the game your using in your argument is SEALED and AN OFFICIAL RELEASE. otherwise your points mean nothing but grains of sand. the funny thing is that i keep on proving my points to everyone with facts and every time i prove someone wrong, you just change the game and your argument to something else. pathetic display. its just plain jealousy on here and i am sick of it. heck, you might as well say your used copy of MW3 is rarer than my game because its the only one that has a scratch in a certain area on the bottom of the disc! grow up…

          • Final Fight Guy is hardly an “unknown” – any SNES Collector is very familiar with the game and the story behind it.

            However, again, can you answer my question as to how one would know if they had a “Recalled” version of Mario Party 8 without opening it?

          • A buddy of mine works at a game store in Australia, where they imported several copies of Mario Party 8 from the UK before the recall. Still has some in stock, still sealed.

          • Bullshit, your a troll using different names, more than likely the same person behind all of these posts (except for mine)

  8. How about Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak? Only one confirmed sealed copy has been found in 20+ years of looking. The NES is arguably the most collected-for classic console, and Surprise at Dinosaur Peak is one of the most desirable titles around. It’s rarer and far more desirable than your Wii typo/error/recall/bullshit.

    • That Mario Party 8 isn’t all that rare, all the online sellers and wholesalers has shipped there stock prior to the recall, I had 10+ in stock in my store at one point and hell I even own a copy.

  9. Kaleb, I believe you that you own the rarest game in the history of time. I’m just jealous that it’s not in my collection, but I’m willing to pay a kings ransom for it on one condition… that you have it graded by VGA. I’m sure you know what that is.

    Once graded, contact me here and I’ll go through the necessary steps to get in touch with you and depending on the grade I’ll make an appropriate offer.

    I’ve been searching for this variant for as long as I can remember and I’d hate to pass up the chance to have my own sealed, graded copy.

    • Yeah i actually *really* want it graded by the VGA, it will boost the value of it much higher and make it even more rarer! pitty i dont live in the US though, i dont feel comfortable shipping it in the mail a few thousand miles away….

  10. Ladies, put those handbags away! Nobody is bothered about either of your claims, and 99.9999999999% of the world doesn’t care about retro gaming. When either of you is doing something truly worthwhile with your time and money, then come back with life insight. Until then just enjoy gaming and in the words of Mr T: “do one”

  11. Link, i think its time you removed all of these posts as its obvious its all down to just 1 troll behind the many fake usernames linking certain bad websites such as to these names, this is not how gamesniped comments should be handled and if you are that desperate for some extra action on here then you are sad

      • Innit fella. TBH i’m not 100% sure of the rarity, I had a German edition that had the ‘spastic’ word in it, bought from CEX before the UK release, but I know nothing about the game, I certainly haven’t seen a sealed one. What an idiot portanoyd is for calling you a faggot, it’s not a measure of gamesniped i’m obv not posting under my gamesniped name here as I want to stay out of the arguments, but kudos to you man for holding your own and not bowing to the bullying of an individual with an ‘i’m better than you’ mentality. Come over to, they are a friendlier bunch 🙂

        • Thank you very much, at least someone on here has some common sense! and unlike everyone else on this “thread” i have not called anybody any rude names or used bad language. and i think this is not how gamesniped should handle such comments, allowing trolls to use this page as some kind of way to bully innocent people. You know what gamesniped? you have not lost a loyal reader (me) BUT you have lost the respect you have earnt from me these past 3 years since i have been reading your posts. I will be checking out! 🙂

          • You haven’t called anyone rude names?

            “crazy people”
            “people on here cant read properly…”
            “use your few brain cells that you have”
            “you are the one who is a troll”
            “What a jealous troll you are….”
            “too many jealous trolls like you”
            “some fat jealous guy”
            “another troll to me”
            “your a troll”

            And, again, I ask a simple and fair question – Is there some way to tell a sealed “recalled” copy from a sealed regular copy?

          • Calling somebody a Troll is not a rude word, its a fact and thats exactly what you have been doing on here. You have used bad language and insulted me all because your wound up over some little issue, get over it! Now please go away and leave me alone…

          • Yes, calling someone a troll is calling them rude names – no matter how you slice it.

            Also, you accusation that I have used bad language or insulted you is incorrect and uncalled for. If you review my posts, you’ll see that I have been nothing but polite and respectful to you.

            As for getting “wound up” – YOU specifically asked “Tell me another game that is rarer then?” – and, in reply, I’ve suggested a few games that I think may be considered more rare than your title. If you were uninterested in discussing rare titles, then I would suggest not asking that question in the future.

            And, again, I ask a very fair and very reasonable question – if someone is looking at a sealed UK copy of Mario Party 8 – how can they tell if it is the “recalled” version or not?

          • You are the same person behind ALL of these posts except for mine, your just using different names all of the time. Who are you trying to fool? I have been called “faggot”, “Bitch” and other stuff, far worse than stating a fact about someone trolling…

          • No, I am not the same as any other poster on here.

            And, again, I ask a very fair and very reasonable question – if someone is looking at a sealed UK copy of Mario Party 8 – how can they tell if it is the “recalled” version or not?

          • I’m not “going away” – I’ve been a visitor of this site for quite a while and you’re not going to run me off with your foul language and name calling.

            And, again, I ask a very fair and very reasonable question – if someone is looking at a sealed UK copy of Mario Party 8 – how can they tell if it is the “recalled” version or not?

          • Dont twist my words “buddy” (as you american folks say) i told you to stay away from ME, not “stay away from gamesniped” or cant you read? I dont have to answer any questions and i am not going to……….happy now? Now you have no reason to bother me anymore

          • What is *very* pathetic about all of you people (except for su.san) is that this whole argument has gone from being “your sealed mario party 8 recalled version is not rare” to now being “sealed mario party 8 recalled version IS rare but you dont have a sealed copy of it”. This only means that everyone has now realized that of course it IS rare, but its only rare if i dont have own it myself. LOLOLOL Trolls these days eh? Dont feed `em!

          • Since you’re from the UK and I’m not, I think you can rest easy in knowing that I’ll pretty much always be “away” from you.

            Kaleb – I haven’t been rude, condescending or negative to you at *all*. I haven’t accused you of lying or insulted your intelligence of our shared beloved hobby. I ask that you treat me with the same respect that I am showing you. That is not too much to ask, right?

            If others are not treating you fairly, then you can lash back at them or ignore them. However, it’s hardly fair – or polite – for you to lash out at me because of how others are treating you. Would you like for me to lash out at you based on how I am treated by everyone else (fair warning, I work in customer service… this time of year, I tend to not get treated very nicely).

            I have asked you a very simple and very plain question – one that would give you opportunity to not only share your knowledge of our mutually beloved hobby – something we gaming nerds on the internet should always love to do – but also give you a chance to talk about a prized piece of your collection – something you obviously wanted to do since you brought it up.

            If there’s a reason you’re unable to answer this question, that’s fine. No one is knowledgeable about every aspect of the hobby. I simply figured, as you were here, touting the rarity of your item, that you would have more information with regards to it. If someone runs across an unopened UK copy of Mario Party 8, how can the tell if it’s the recalled version or not?

          • And again – an important distinction – I have never accused you of lying (i.e.: not having the game you say you have) – I’ve taken you at face value on it (which is why I’m asking you a question with regards to it).

            Additionally, I have never disputed that it’s a rare title. In fact, I don’t think anyone here really has. Now, we might differ on exactly how rare we believe it to be – but I’d say we’d all probably agree, as far as 1st party Wii titles go, this is probably one of the more limited releases.

  12. No problems, for all the good things the USA has given us- cheese in a can, Lionel Richie, Lindsay Lohan, ‘friendly fire’, Charlie Sheen, Michael Bay films, Law and Order LA, there are many things we do better. Try to find an abusive disagreement on any European retro gaming forum- you won’t. You might get ripped for quoting wikipedia or being unable to prove a sealed game is a certain variant, but you won’t be abused for having a ‘lesser’ collection. To be fair I have found many on this forum and other US forums to be friendly, kind, reasonable and humble amongst those who are boorish and abusive. Anyway, cup of tea, dear felow?

  13. @unclebob

    he’s not going to answer your question because he doesn’t have the answer. while your efforts would be appreciated by anyone else, he’s a troll, plain and simple. ignore him and move on. being polite or rude to him doesn;t matter, he’s going to keep acting like the victim here as it’s the only defense he has. he’ll never back down no matter how much logic or how many insults are thrown his way. he knows this and that’s why we have 75+ comments here of pretty much the same thing over and over again. it’s likely he takes pride in causing such a shitstorm so i’ll say it again: stop feeding the troll!

  14. Okay, I spoke to a friend today and he’s researched this for me. I’ve got to admit that I can’t prove my copy is the one I believe it to be. I have had an offer to buy this for £150 and i’m going to take it.


      • Yo, you stole the rap I stole from someone else. You just like my ex wife she liked rude Mario games too. What else you got sucker, cos I got a million pounds and a spaceship WOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHH!

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