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Nintendo NES Stadium Events Sealed VGA 75

Now, you can read more about Stadium Events here. I’ve mentioned the game enough and it’s well known enough that I don’t think many of you need the back story. However, this is the copy which has been “for sale” for sometime. Both in insane BINS, and then in an open auction that ended for $20,605.52. Obviously since its back up, something went wrong there and it was never sold.

Auction Here


SNK NEO-GEO “Faces” Limited Edition 20″x30″ Artwork #23 of 50 AES MVS Poster – Cool custom Neo-Geo Poster.
Mike Tyson Punch-Out Sealed VGA Silver Seal – Apparently one sold for $4,311.00 previously.
Sealed VGA Pal Double Dragon / Maniac Mansion / Hyper Soccer
2006 Nike Crysis Sneakers
Sony Naughty Dog Jak & Daxter 10th Anniversary Statue
Australian Playstation 2 Hot Pack Bundle(Thanks Andrew!)


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  1. very strange that Seller makes no mention of the previous fauled transaction. I hope it wasn’t because je was having a buddy bid up the price and he bid too high. How long agao was the last auction for this item?

  2. I can swap stadium events sealed VGA75 with,3 super rare games
    ( t- mek,darxide,primal rage) for sega 32x megadrive ( pal) of cours they are sealed.

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