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Sega Dreamcast Divers 2000 CX-1

The Divers 2000 series CX-1 Dreamcast is a rare all-in-one system developed by Fuji. It was released in 2000 only in Japan just one year before production of the entire Dreamcast platform ceased. At launch it had an initial price of ¥88,888 Yen ($800 US roughly), which was four times the price of the Dreamcast itself.

This iMac lookalike comes with a remote (for the tv-function), a controller, keyboard, Vibration Pack, Internet and teleconference software, a headset and an instruction video. Even though the built-in screen is fairly small, it is of exceptional quality. The unit is designed to be used every day, and even the antenna doubles as a place to hang the headset when it is not in use.

Several sites say that there are only 200 unit, although the original press release mentions nothing of this. While you can’t deny the rarity, several years ago, Rklok, a reseller in the Netherlands, managed to acquire a fair number of new-in-box units. While they were trickled out, they could be had for under $1,000.

Auction Here

I’m not sure what the going rate is for one of these currently, but unless something has changed I’m pretty sure this overpriced.


Ultimate DOOM Color Poster – Not spectacular, but since this is selling for $20 I think I might dig out the one in my closet.
Korean Super Mario All-Stars – Starts at $1.00 and from a US Seller.
Sega Treamcast – The Asian produced portable Dreamcast. These systems utilize modified PSOne lcd screens to provide a built in screen for the Sega Dreamcast. Overpriced and has been relisted a few times.


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  1. that divers is real pretty in the time that rklok had them standing brand new i have see them at his place 🙂 iff i am correct he had about 10 of them brand new he still have 1 but its broken

  2. Over the last two years rare Dreamcast hardware prices have shot through the roof. I’m not sure why, but presumably it’s just simple collector demand pushing up prices. I think it’s reached the point now that prices are starting to get silly, and I see a lot of listings hanging around for ages where once they would have sold quite quickly.

    With any luck, prices might start to drop to more reasonable levels, although I doubt it! 😉

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