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Nintendo NES Homebrew Galore

This seller has quite an epic list of titles. Not just crap like Earthbound Zero either, but the majority of Limited Editions and real origional new releases done over the past few years.

Fun fact: The seller was once called a dinosaur in the NES Collecting scene. That make me sad as I remember him from before he had a complete set. I must be getting old.

See them all here.

[phpbay keywords=”nes nintendo” num=”50″ siteid=”1″ sortorder=”EndTimeSoonest” sellerid=”cherrysweater” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″ paging=”false”]


StarTropics NES Factory Sealed w/H-seam – Cheap NES Sealed Title.
Sealed PAL SNES Super Pang
PS1 PAL Metal Gear Solid MGS Limited Premium Package


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    • It is really mind blowing that they sell for that much.
      Its really a topic for discussion.Take for exsample kitty’s catch.This game can be downloaded as a rom.And it can be reproduced for $25 on a cartridge.So i would never pay $56 for it.
      So what its a numbered version! in my view its still the same a reproduction of a prototype thats worth nothing more then $25.

  1. While that may be true, the rom wouldn’t be available at all if it weren’t for the numbered release. It would have sat in a horder’s closet collecting dust otherwise. The reproduction is significant for that reason alone. Some of the more expensive titles on the other-hand had been available for years, like the NWC rom for instance.

    These reproductions, numbered or otherwise, never tend to sell high on their own. The only reason most of these are selling for so much is due to them all being listed at once.

    • Your comment does not make any sense and that your taking the nwc as an exsample shows it.
      The NWC still holds and gets more value year after year.
      Because its an cartidge made by nintendo with limited numbers and history.
      The limited carts hold in my eyes no extra value and there are enough unreleased games out there that made it as a rom without limited carts.
      And your claim that these are selling so much because there listed at once is just weird.
      They are selling so much because only a couple of guys are bidding against each other.As with all other stuff on ebay 🙂

  2. Well as far as the XMAS carts go they wouldn’t be easy to reproduce because of the LED lights involved.

    I don’t think the fact that a rom is available ever really makes a difference in the value of the real cartridge.

    Collectors want the original when possible.

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