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NIB Super Nintendo Earthbound (VGA Qualified 85+)

At some point Earthbound became one of the more expensive SNES titles. It really make no sense, as the game isn`t that rare and while I admit it is a fun game, there are much better titles in the Super Nintendo library.

Right now a loose cartridge is pulling around $150.00 and nice CIB examples can fetch $400+. I know it`s all supply and demand that drives the prices, but this is probably the worst example of overvalued titles since Final Fantasy 7 on Playstation 1 a few years ago.

Anyways, someone just recently listed a VGA Graded Earthbound. Since the game was not shinkwrapped, this Qualified title means that it has been authenticated and verified by VGA that it was never played.

The auction has no reserve and has climbed to $2,000.00+ already with a full week left. It`s one of those auctions that will probably leave me scratching my head, but is fun to watch anyways.

Auction Here

Fun Fact: I was once told I missed out on purchasing five NIB copies of Earthbound for $20.00 each, someone else grabbed them a week before. My runner up prize? 50 sealed copies of Killer Instinct for $5.00 a pop.


EarthBound Anthology Art Book – Details on the book here.
Nintendo Wide Boy – This is one of the original version of the Nintendo Wide-Boys (Wide-Boys are devices that are plugged into either an NES, SNES or N64 so you can see the Game Boy game on a TV, thus saving developers eyes from having to stare at the little screens all day long).
Telegames Personal Arcade – Plays Colecovision and Sega SG 1000 games.
Sonic The Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Pocket Watch Complete Set
1991 Sonic The Hedgehog Umbrella
SEGA Dreamcast DC “Still Thinking” Hoodie – From what I understand Sega has occasionally given these out over the past several years.
Red Dead Redemption Dynamite Crate
Donkey Kong 64 Not For Resale NFR Cart
Gears of War 3 1/25 Exclusive Fossil Watch – Prize in the GameStop GOW3 Sweepstakes.
17 Atari Jaguar Promo Cards
Game Boy Prototype Kwirk (Quirk the Chilled Tomato)


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  1. None of you even know what a rare game is. I’ve got a UK mario party 8 SEALED that was recalled and it’s the only one THAT EXISTS! Wilkipedia has information about it proving how rare it is.

    • Ahh yes, but again the more “rare” a game is doesn’t always mean it will bring in more money. That’s based on many different aspects.

      I still find Earthbound to be a rather average game from Nintendo that suddenly everyone seemed to think was the best thing made. Partly because it was a very limited release, partly because of it’s quirky humor.

      I’ve even come across people who have never played it, yet still put it on their top ten lists.

  2. I’m going to have to disagree with you about your opinion that Earthbound is overvalued. Here is my reasoning:

    Earthbound was unique in it’s take on the RPG world at the time. It wasn’t the general mideival fantasy RPG and paved the way for different ideas to enter the RPG realm. It even started to affect how some of the later final fantasy titles by making it ok to move away from swords and sorcery.

    The characters were well developed, interesting, and appealed to a larger cross section of people. Final fantasy, although probably sold the most copies at the time, was on the top of the heap for only a small cross section of RPG gamers. Earthbound brought in other gamer types that don’t usually play RPGs but thoroughly enjoyed this one.

    So, in sum:
    Earthbound = original RPG that appealed to many types of gamers, unforgettable characters with 1 definitive well thought out story line, influenced future RPGs and was not mass produced makes Earthbound a pricy collectible.

    • It’s a first party title; it was definitely mass produced. It also got a lot of press in Nintendo Power at the time as well. This isn’t a title that got under 100k units made.

      The hook is the large box which was more inclined to be disposed of – moreso than the standard SNES box. I can abide by an upcharge for the box for that reason but not for the cart.

      The game is highly in demand but dirt common. 3 copies sell a day on average. There needs to be a lot of copies out there to sustain that kind of demand.

      It should not be breaking $100 loose, ever. People just aren’t being smart about the purchases. They can easily wait for a sub $100 cart but they are throwing cash at it due to impatience and ignorance.

      Also: lol kaleb.

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