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Sega World Trocadero Laserdisc Player and Disc

This is really cool and very unique.

These came from London Sega World and were used to provide customer information. The disc contains video’s for all the zones at Segaworld, customer info and warnings, Sega Saturn advertising and more. A full 25 minutes.

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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Press Kit – From the San Francisco launch party. It includes a fold-out dossier of the characters in the game, a DVD of assets including logos, screens, and MGS art, and a sheet of refrigerator magnets.
Matchbox Super Mario 64 Big Rig
Game Boy Prototype Battletoads
Original EverQuest Poster by Keith Parkinson – 177th out of 600 prints. Owned by one of the original programmers of EverQuest.
Sonic Adventure Jumbo Plush Lot – From 1999, released to celebrate the launch of the SEGA Dreamcast title, Sonic Adventure.
Sonic the Hedgehog Metal Sonic Statue
XBOX Halo Prototype – Horrible, horrible pics.
NES MPS 8BIT Chip Tune Music System – This is the first of its kind. An 8 bit music production workstation to run Nanoloop or LSDJ. Its based off a GameBoy advance SP and built into an old NES case. There is also a 16BIT FX processor built in to apply FX to the Game boys output or an external device via the 1/4” jack inputs. The Processor also doubles as a 2 channel mono mixer, so you can mix an external device and the gameboys signal.


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  1. The Halo Prototype is not a prototype. It is a full version game, there is no content that did not make the retail release on here. This is the confidential disc’s that were marked, as such, for display in large flagship stores. I know because I handled a ton of these at a flagship store at launch. I had over 10 of these at one point (too bad I didn’t save them as the auction is up over $120 already)

    Now what is cool about this auction is the case that it comes in. Which proves a point and is something rare and unknown.

    A lot of people told me I was crazy that HALO WAS RATED TEEN BY ESRB. I know for a fact it was a TEEN rating, I had a boat load of the original retail games I had to sticker over the T rating with the M rating stickers as the rating got bumped up. One of the reasons for the bump in the rating was gun violence and a connection with 9/11 (which was only a few months before launch). This display disc SHOWS that the game had a teen rating as the display case has a a T rating on it (teen) and does not have the Rating Pending logo. The reason for this was, many stores like Toys R us, Gamestop, Virgin mega-store and more, had corporate policy’s in place with game vendors that games had to have an ESRB rating in order to show off demos in the store that were playable, whole video only content could be RP. This was very important. M$ had the proper ESRB rating to get these in stores before launch and a Teen rating was inportant as this was going to be a flagship title for the newest console on the block. This disc has the same confidential label as all the disc I handled and what future demo disc (for the first year) had on them.

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