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Factory Sealed Case of Lunar 2 Eternal Blu Complete PS1

I love shipping boxes. This dosen’t have much in the way of interesting markings however. Plus the $20,000 BIN is a little out of my price range.

Auction Here

The seller has many other shipping cases as well. From PS1 Lunar Silver Star Story to Mass Effect 3 Limited Collector’s Edition. I like the PS2 Dragon Quest VIII 8 personally.

Also Cheap 2600 Shipping Boxes

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Brand New NEC Turbo Express Handheld System
Stormlord Sega Genesis Store Counter Display and Box
Donkey Kong Country 2 Big Box Version with Strategy Guide


Nintendo NES Hands Free Controller
– This is a controller for people who do not have use of their arms. It works with attachments which make use of the chin and blowing in a tube to control the character. Sold for $500.


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  1. LOL! I just pulled out my Lunar 2 PS1 factory sealed and was getting ready to eBAY it. I should have it up later. I guess for the collector that wants just ONE – my auction will be up tonight. $150 BIN. Free shipping.

  2. Well that was a fast sale.. I asked $150 shipped BIN – got a best offer for $136 and took it. Seemed fair for the condition it was in – though it is factory sealed. Outer box has been sitting on my shelf for 12 years.

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