Street Fighter Tournament Trophy from 1997 E3

From the auction:

Capcom originally manufactured 3 bronze statues to use at E3 as part of the Street Fighter 2 Tournament. There was a large identical statue given to the winner of the competition who got to keep it for 1 year until the following tournament. These were the other 2 statues which were smaller in size but still identical.

How did I get these?

I got these directly from a former Capcom employee. I have several items from here and these are the 2 pieces I am not that fond of. The former employee gave me all of the following info to the best of their knowledge and is deemed as credible

These are the only 2 Bronze statues of this size. The only other one is the larger one which was given to the winner to hold for a period of one year until the next tournament. at E3. These were manufactured in 1997+- and use for about 3 years. It is not sure if these were manufactured for sample or pre-production units. The larger one was giving to a magazine “Tips and Tricks” or “Video Game Magazine” (to the best of their knowledge).

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  1. Hey there. I came across this website while looking up info on my Ryu statue. I wanted to help you fill in some blanks–the who, what, where, when and why.

    I was the Sr. Product Manager at InterAct Accessories. We were most famous for our GameShark cheat devices, but we also made tons of peripherals and accessories for all consoles and handheld game systems, many of which were licensed by 1st party and/or software companies. I worked there from ’97-02. My team developed the ShadowBlade Arcade Stick with programable buttons for PS/PS2 and we launched it at E3 in 2001 to coincide with the launch of Capcom’s most recent version of Street Fighter (maybe Zero 3??) We had special edition skins for the arcade stick as well.

    Capcom and Interact hosted a Street Fighter tournament at E3, 2001. All players had to compete using the ShadowBlade and the winner recieved the Ryu Trophy. My team at InterAct actually made the statues for Capcom. We made several mini statues as well. InterAct was briefly considering getting into collectibles that year. I beleive yours are prototypes of the final trophy. Do you still have yours? If you can send me more pics and height of your statues, I can help you figure it out. Are you looking to get rid of them?

    Also, just curious who gave them to you. I’m wondering if it was anyone I worked with back in the day. 🙂

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