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1990 NWC Nintendo World Championships Gold Competition Cart – VGA GRADED 85

Read the title of this post. Look at that picture. Do it again. Ready? Alright, here we go.

This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen in the entire time I have been involved with collecting.

Lets not turn this into a VGA sucks thing, ok? gameSniped has a lot of ani VGA readers and any major Slabbed game seems to get a very vocal amount of hate by default. But let`s not go there.

My primary issue here, is that this looks like crap. Seriously, it looks stupid.

Secondly, why?

A NWC Gold has a very high price tag. Not eveyone who owns one is going to be willing to actually throw it (gently) into a system. Although I know a fair number collectors who do. So, Ill ingore the fact you can`t play it.

I`m also going to ignore how the EPROMs are exposed. I know Bitrot is often overemphasized and it is more of a Boogeyman than an instant threat. Although for a game this valuable, why take the risk?

Hell, I will even ignore the fact that it`s a graded game with no basis for a grade. No comparison point and graded by people who have never had one pass through their hands before.

What I`m not going to ignore is the fact this display straight up ugly.

Auction Here – $27,000 (No Bidders… Yet)


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  1. What pisses me off the most about this is a couple weeks ago he posted in a thread on Nintendoage showing what he did and how proud of it he was. I think he talked about “putting it on display” or something.

    Then not even 2 weeks later he’s putting it on ebay for 27k. Yeah, you didn’t just VGA grade it to get that premium price or anything.

    Fuck this guy, I hope it never sells and he’s left with a cart that probably doesn’t even work anymore.

  2. Having a grey at one time, I can say with 100% certainty, I would never, ever do this.

    You have to wonder if VGA paid him to do it. If his original intention was to sell, he would know damn well he wouldn’t need to do something like this. This is no sealed SMB3 and it’s been well know that he’s had one of these even from his years on DP as player-2.

    • lol, dream on about having a grey NWC cart, you never had one. the closest you got to having one is a repro from retro usb.

        • ok, fair enough (IF that photo really is yours and not just taken from google) but those prototype samples look home made to me ^^ oh and dont be such a rude person because my collection beats yours *any* day…

        • @portannoyed nothing special in any of those dated photos from what i see, some stuff just looks home modified by a poor-mans Ben Heck, some unconfirmed pretend prototype sample games, and a whole load of misc rubbish that should be in the dump. my friend Gamester81 can beat this based on quantity, and i easily take the crown on quality, i have some mighty gems in my collection that you cannot match and i have 50k or so in the bank to buy more, and then some ^^

          • Wow. Just wow, dude. Can’t tell if trollin’ or just stupid. I’ll skip your comical comments on the protos and assume you are actually being serious.

            Anyway, this is your collection:

            You have Normy’s Beach Babe-O-Rama for Gen/MD, so that throws your ‘quality over quantity’ argument out the window, never mind that your goal is to collect a full PAL SMS set, which in itself, negates any discernment towards quality over quantity.

            Flaunting dollar amounts means you don’t actually have those dollar amounts – it’s just a means to try and impress someone, which, if you couldn’t tell, just failed.

            This is ‘gamester81’s’ collection.

            He says, right on his youtube page, he has 1,900. I have 6,500. So no, he does not ‘beat’ me based on quantity. If you want to get technical, the pictures linked earlier are when we had 5,500 or so.

            Are you in fact that Kabel kid or whatever? The one with the Mario Party 8? You sound just as delusional.

            This is really getting tiring, dealing with stupid people on the internet. If I wasn’t so enamored with someone on the internet being wrong and having to tell them they’re wrong, I may very well have time to take up a new hobby.

  3. Another exsample of how commercial nes/nintendo collectiong has become.
    This is just a commercial for VGA .
    Real sad

  4. It is indeed the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. And now, other people are thinking about grading their own NWC, amazing.

  5. I don’t know who the VGA is but whats the problem here? He’s got something rare and is selling it. If he’s over charging it, it won’t sell, no body is hurt. The article claims not being able to play it is a problem, but I’m sure many collectors will disagree with you. Like you said, some do play it. Maybe I’ve missed something :p

    • I think that most big-time collectors who would be interested in actually shelling out the cash for this would probably throw down the extra $50 for a repo to play so that they don’t risk this particular expensive cartridge at all.

  6. Outside of the VGA part, am I missing something? How else would you showcase it other then being in well, a case? I’m very confused.

  7. i posted a lot of VGA related stuff here on GS (during the time i was posting, too busy to do so right now). its not that im against the VGA altogether its just that im against the fact that vga is used as an excuse to have a sort of ridiculously premium price. its as if the item was dipped in gold when submitted to vga.. this is another example.

  8. To comment on the article, mine is still being played on. i put it gently into the sytem when i do but i sure as hell play it. Specially when my friends come long.

    Apart from that, i cant believe this will sell for this much after having it photographed with flash that many times…:S

  9. Well, he did encase it UV protective plastic… That should help prevent any acceleration of bit-rot from normal exposure and photography…

    Still, only a complete idiot would leave valuable chips exposed like this… He claims you can just ‘re-burn’ them if they go bad… problem is, part of the appeal is having the _original_ chips in it. If the chips fail, they usually can not be re-burned (you’d have to replace them)… I know it’s not just the chips that are rare, but they are part of it…

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