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Nomolos: Storming the Catsle NES Homebrew

Nomolos: Storming the Catsle just became available today on RetroUsb.

The sotry goes that cats, Solomon and his friend Snow, are enjoying a beautiful day together when a mysterious portal opens before them. An enormous purple arm shoots out and grabs Snow by the scruff of the neck and disappears. Solomon decides to follow Snow into the portal. Upon arriving on the other side, he becomes Nomolos, the fierce feline warrior, fully equipped with humanoid physique and armor. He decides to follow the huge purple form that is quickly retreating to the Catsle with Snow.

In the game you guide Nomolos through twelve action packed levels and defeat four of Boulder’s most fearsome henchmen before finally confronting the evil Hippo in her lair, the Catsle. You will have to contend with dozens of Boulder’s denizens, but fortunately powerful weapons and helpful powerups are laying around the realm that Nomolos can use to help him on his way.


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    • I know retro didnt develop it. But the dude is still a total dick. And every time he puts someones game out, it gets a free commercial on here for whatever reason. Thought this site was for rare stuff etc, not some homebrew new, unrare games.

  1. WTF does this have to do with rare games or interresting auctions??
    Do you guys get free copies or do you get payed for these commercials?

  2. If you don’t like BunnyBoy, don’t buy his stuff. Makes absolutely no difference to me.

    I have always ocasionally posted new homebrew releases. Been awhile since I have, but in the past six months offhand Sturmwind for the Dreamcast and Nightmare Busters for the SNES come to mind.

    As for Retrozone, in the past year and a half this makes the third post about a release there. Hardly a regular feature, but you are all welcome to your opinions.

  3. It looks like it has that Color Dreams style down pat. When your demo video shows the character getting hit a lot, it makes me question the quality of the game.

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