Pokemon Badges, Kites, and More

Want to be a Pokemon master of the Kanto region? Then look no further! You can have this beautiful set of all 8 badges if you win this auction!

Next is a promotional Wall Scroll from Majora’s Mask. Is this really an official promo item? I’ve never seen it before. Information would be appreciated.

Click here to see it.Γ‚

Now this is how to send your kids to school in style. I remember having fun items like these as a kid with Pokemon. Check out a Mario/Zelda “School Kit” which contains a pencil bag, rule, and more.

Mario/Zelda School Kit

Take to the skies with a Mario Kite! Sadly the auction is over, but I would love to see what it looks like all spread out! Just in time for summer fun.

Mario Delta Kite

Lastly, this little guy. I have never seen this item before as well, so I am not sure about pricing. I can’t find much information about him either.

Blue Moblin Figure 1989


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  1. It’s really hard to say about the Majora’s Mask wallscroll, I’ve seen the EXACT same thing in multiple copies at the last Otakuthon (anime convention) and I bet every wall scroll vendor at every anime con have them. I’ve seen them being sold online too.

    It’s pretty much worthless unless the seller can prove it was from E3, like a special package or something, and even there, if they’re still being sold…

  2. as for the majora’s mask scroll – I have it. I picked it up at Emerald City Comic Con 2006. I don’t recall if mine had nintendo’s logo anywhere on the packaging. The print looks decent on it but it has no trademarks on it (a sign of a counterfit), I would find it weird for a limited distributed item to be duplicated (especially one of not that high of demand).

  3. Well, the badges auction got deleted, maybe because it was reported as being not a rare item.

    I’m pretty keen for the Majora’s Mask scroll :).

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