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SNES Prototypes Galore!

Super Nintendo Protos for under $100 BINs? You got it. One seller has listed quite a few. He states that all are tested, but none have been checked for version differences.

Up for grabs are:

Super Pinabll
Mickey`s Ultimate Challenge
Speedy Gonzales
Natsume Championship Wrestling – Large Board!
Jammit Basketball
SFX Super Sokoban
Tony Meola`s Sidekick Soccer
ESPN Speedworld
The Brainies


Nintendo Super Mario Puppet Kooler
SNES Complete Incannation
Nintendo & Zelda Storage Crate
Complete GBA Ninja Five-O
Complete GBC Shantae
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Gold Remote Bundle VGA 90 – *SIGH*
Sealed PS3 Demon’s Souls Deluxe Edition
Sega Saturn Burning Rangers


NES Sweet Home English Version Repo – Someone really wanted this.


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  1. I can’t believe someone would pay that much for a Repro..

    And that Skyward Sword bundle has 5 days left and is over $150?? Ridiculous..

  2. jesus fucking h christ, seriously with the VGA skyward sword?

    im just gonna buy every A list title that comes out and immediately mail it to VGA

  3. “VGA is a reputable company that authenticates, grades, and preserves gaming items in high quality acrylic casing”

    they lost me at “reputable” LOL

  4. that zelda….what a fn joke….

    I mean PCGS and NGC (coin grading companies..which im 99.99% sure where they got the idea from) graded coins do go for more, but not 2.5x what an ungraded coin goes for (and who knows how much higher this thing will go!).

    the part that gets me is only grading sealed games….im gonna go out on a limb here and say it takes about 5% of the skill to grade a sealed game (i.e. a cardboard box and maybe a little plastic) than it does one with manual, inserts, game, label, etc.

  5. I know the seller of the Sweet home repro.

    He always tries to low ball on my repros to re-sell them, he doesnt make them.

    He bought that one from Timewalk games i’d say.

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