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Huge Gameboy Lots

One seller has put up several overpriced, but awesome Gameboy lots.

One lot has DS games, another has GBA, one with Regular Gameboy and another with Gameboy Color. There is cool stuff in here, lots of rarities, sealed games, differnt regions, Sachen titles, etc. Price is too high though.


Hagane: The Final Conflict SNES – Even loose carts are going for mad money. Nice condition though.
Hyperdimension Neptunia PS3 Promo Review Copy
Atelier Rorona PS3 Promo Review Copy
Hoi Amagia Disk Special Bug Fixed Version – Comes with a letter from the developer, where they apologize for the faulty disc and present a new bug fixed floppy.
Majora’s Mask “Deku Link” Figure – They were sold in limited quantities in 2001, and have become very hard to find over the past few years. It was one of five produced by Epoch, according to the back of the box. The set consisted of this figure, Zora Link, Goron Link, Human Link, and Link + Epona. This set includes a small (roughly 2 inch tall) figure of Link transformed into a Deku Scrub, A small standing pedestal decorated like a small grove, and 5 masks, as seen in the game.
Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Imagineer Glow in the Dark MGB-001 Limited Edition – This special edition actually glows in the dark and was a price for a contest held by Imagineer (marked 非売品:NOT FOR SALE). There is only 2000 of these in the world. This unit is # 1335. You had to purchase a game called “Multi Racing Championship” for the N64 (obviously by Imagineer) and send in a proof of purchase. Out of the entries, a drawing would be carried out randomly and the winners would be sent one of these.
Spectre, Mer Wars, Thunder Hawk SNES Super Nintendo Empty Prototypes – Cool items. Only Cart shells though, the actual prototype boards are long gone.
Nintendo Game Boy Color Not for Resale Technical Demo Cart – Nicola actually dumped this and released it on gameSniped many, many years ago. This cart was used when the Game Boy Color first came out to show off the technical abilities of the system. It isn’t a playable game, but rather a demo loop that showed what the system was capable of, listing some system specs and capabilities as well as showing clips from games.
Viva Pinata : Trouble in Paradise Signed by Rare Staff
Playstation One 3-Ring Binder – Sony E3 Press Kit – From the 90’s, no contents however.


Vintage Nintendo Power Get With It Starter Kit New Factory Sealed
– Included in this hard plastic binder is a set of three markers with the Nintendo Power logo. A sample issue of Nintendo Power and a NES Game Pak directory. The binder is a three ring designed to keep all your Nintendo Power magazines safe and secure in one place.
Nintendo DS Lite Signed by 19 Video Game Musicians – This unit was signed by these artists at the Video Games Live concert several years ago (circa 2006).
Custom Virtual Boy Arcade Cabinet – I posted about this some time ago when it was created. It sold for $2500.
Turbo Duo Prince Of Persia and Forgotten Worlds PR Sample Discs – Turbo Duo silvers aren’t something you see ever day.
Bioshock 2 Fountain Pen


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  1. Wow, uh, those are some impressive GB lots. I appreciate his thoroughness but man, the way he did is a little hard to follow. Also: lol wtf prices.

  2. I don’t understand why people still insist on putting ridiculous BIN prices on their items. If you won’t part with it at the auction level for what it is truly worth, then you obviously don’t want to get rid of it.

    • That is not true. I always put my BIN price at or slightly higher than what it is worth but I always included OBO.

      I feel that if something tends to sell at auction price for say $100 + Ship then listing it for $110 (Free shipping) BUY IT NOW or Best offer is a good way to do it. You might get someone who HAS to have it and will use the BUY it now, and with BEST OFFER you ca get right down to business and make a quick sale without having to wait 5 or 7 days to sell something which most of the bidding happens in the last day or even the last 2 minutes usually.

      Also an item of significant value that has not been up for a while, might not do as well with a auction and unless your willing to set a reserve, you can get screwed or set the bar lower for other sellers in the future. I don’t think that is fair.

      I personally always have a number in my mind for what I will take and run with. If I list an item that has been selling for $100 usually at $110 BIN OBO Shipped.. and my magic number is say $75.. Someone offers me $70 bux, I might counter offer him to $80 or even $75 with a note saying – “hey I have $100 BIN – You offered me $70 – My bottom line is $75.. SO no games – here is a one time counter offer for $5 more – meet my price it’s yours” 95% of the time they accept and usually the meet 1/2 way with another number as a counter offer don’t happen. If that 5% does counter me for $72.50 – I just counter back $75.. and call it day.

      I think BIN is a great way for quick sales.

      Also I think people set really HIGH BIN (with best offers) because they know people are cheap and will counter them with a low number.

      Check my feedback on eBay and take the NFR DS demo carts I sell here and there. I always set A high BIN because I know someone will pay it (usually a person in a foreign country – like Germany) I also know there are collectors who know it’s worth near or at the BIN price – but are just cheap – SO i know their OBO offer will be in my ball park usually.

      It’s a mind game really..

      AS for those who set a BIN ONLY with no best offer, if they are not right on the money – then it’s just a waste of a listing in my opinion and I agree with ya, they truly don’t want to sell it.

      I have a rule, if it hits eBay – I want to get rid of it.

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