22 Complete Fullsets – Nintendo, Sega, NEC

If you frequent any long standing forums, you might recognize the username Adol. I assume this is his auction.

There is no way he expects this to sell, but knows that it will drive traffic to his store. It is something he has done in the past with individual sets, but never on such a huge scale.

Anyways, the auction itself is for 22 COMPLETE SYSTEM SETS. Every single game released on Nintendo home systems, from Famicom to Gamecube! All games ever released on Sega systems! All games ever released on NEC systems, ALL FACTORY SEALED!

From the auction:

1) 100% Complete Famicom Cartridge Fullset (around 1050 games): All games complete in box with instructions, many of them being brand new, and many extra stuff, like not for sale games, contest games (Gradius Archimendes, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Gold cart to name a few), rare hardware,etc..

2) 100% Complete Famicom Disk system fullset (around 200 games): All games are complete in box with instructions, 50% of them being factory sealed! Including the very rare “write-only” releases, such as Clu Clu Land, all with original instructions, this one (Clu Clu Land) being worth up to $1500, as well as contest prize games (All 3 Gold Disks),etc..

3) 100% Complete Virtual Boy Fullset (19 games,including Virtual Bowling, SD Gundam Dimension War, Virtual Lab, Space Invaders..): all complete in box with instructions or brand new. Virtual Bowling being sold for $2000 alone!

4) 100% Complete Super Famicom Fullset (around 1500 titles): All games are complete in box with instructions, all games having plastic baggies, warning papers, all games being protected by special plastic protection boxes to remain in perfect condition, and around 500 of them being BRAND NEW (including Randering Ranger,etc..i’ll update the list later to inform you which ones are brand new)!! This fullset includes ALL rare “Nintendo Power only” releases (Columns,Dokyusei 2,Wizardry I-II-III, Super Punch Out,etc..), all SM Teacher games, all Sufami Turbo releases, all contest/not for sale games (Far East of Eden Zero V-Jump, Chrono Trigger V Jump, Slam Dunk Shueisha Limited, Yoshi no Cookie Oven Version, Magical Drop 2 Special Version, Kunio-Kun Dodgeball Gold Cart, Super Formation Soccer Xaqua to name some)…

5) 100% Complete Nintendo 64 Fullset: All releases (around 200 games), complete in box with instructions!

6) 100% Complete Nintendo DD64 fullset: All releases (10 games), complete in box with instructions, mostly brand new!

7) 100% Complete BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED Gamecube Fullset: ALL releases, around 320 games, all factory sealed!

8) 100% Complete Sega Master System European Fullset, plus Australian&US&Brazilian exclusives (around 300 games): all complete in box with instructions, including the most rare ones then (Les Schtroumpfs autour du monde, Mah-jong,etc..)

9) 100% complete Sega Mark 3 & Sega Master System Japanese Fullset: all releases (around 80 games), complete in box with instructions, including rare not for sale/contest games such as Great Ice Hockey!

10) 100% Complete Sega Game Gear Fullset: All releases (around 200 games), complete in box with instructions, including “budget”releases and rare hardware (GG White system,etc)

11) 100% Complete Sega Megadrive Fullset: All releases (around 450 games), all complete in box with instructions, including rare not for sale games: Go-Net, Smisey Home, Mega Anser, Nagoya Home Banking and more!

12) 100% Complete Sega 32 X Fullset: all releases (19 games), complete in box with instructions!

13) 100% Complete Sega Mega CD Fullset: all releases (around 115 games), most of them BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED (for around 85 of them, the 30 other ones are mint complete in box with instructions)!

14) 100% Complete Sega Saturn Fullset: All releases (around 1150 games), all complete with case and instructions,and ALL even with spine cards! And some nice extra not for sale games ( Heim Waltz,etc, comes to mind)

15) 100% Complete Sega Dreamcast BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED Fullset: Around 550 games, all of them factory sealed, including all Dorikore reprints, rare Sega Direct exclusive prints, etc..

16) 100% Complete PC Engine Hucard BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED Fullset: around 300 games, ALL Factory Sealed, and including all rare extra not for sale games: Youkai Dochuuki Gold Hucard, all 7 Caravan Hucards, Darius Alpha,etc..

17) 100% Complete PC Engine Supergrafx BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED Fullset: 6 games,if you include Darius Plus, all Factory Sealed.

18) 100% Complete PC Engine CD BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED Fullset: Around 120 games, ALL FACTORY SEALED!

19) 100% Complete PC ENGINE SUPER CD BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED Fullset: Around 300 games, ALL FACTORY SEALED, including RARE Not for sale games such as Akiyamajin (worth $3000 alone), Super Real Mahjong P 2-3 Special Custom Version (worth $2500 either), etc..

20) 100% Complete PC ENGINE ARCADE CD BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED Fullset: 12 Games, ALL FACTORY SEALED, including rare ones such as Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire (original genuine 1st print of course)!

21) 100% Complete PC-FX BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED Fullset: All releases are factory sealed (even Kishindouji Zenki, Zeroigar,etc), including all mooks, all “programming” stuff such as rare Nnyuu mook release, etc..

22) 100% Complete Pioneer Laseractive Fullset: All Mega-LD releases + LD-Rom² exclusives!

Auction Here – Price is roughly 1.25 Million US.

10 Responses to “22 Complete Fullsets – Nintendo, Sega, NEC”

  1. OK ok impressive I guess. But when are we going to see a 100% complete set for the IBM PC???

  2. Holy crap, this person is a God!

  3. Seems a bit high even for sealed collections.
    Also, no Neo-Geo or World Championship NES cart.

  4. It’s a JPN only collection. So you won’t find a World Championship NES cart.

  5. catv246, he was willing to break up the auction and sell specific sets if the prices were right. I’m sure that he has ‘sold’ a few of them and had to end the auction.

  6. It don’t say it ended… it says SOLD. So either he had someone buy it or someone just ended it and is not going to pay for it. Whichever happened here – he did not end the auction early himself. I wonder if he really sold it?

  7. yes someone use buy it now, however the next step is to pay, and the seller say it’s still not done.

  8. Article in the LA Times:
    He really did get a bid on the whole lot… But, yeah, I’ll believe it’s real when he sees the money. 🙂

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