NTF2 Test Cartridge Nintendo NES

This seems to be the most commonly found NES Test Cartridge as it was used in conjunction with the NES Test Station. They seem to be slightly more abundant than their yellow colour cousins.

NES test make the system hardware and accessories run through tests to make sure that internal and external equipment all work properly. Testing Video RAM, colors, control ports, Power Pads, joysticks, etc.

Two completely different versions of this cart exist, although the labels remains identical.


This seller has seven Game Boy Protoypes. All are a bit more than they would fetch at open auction. He has some nice rarities as well.
Complete Nintendo Virtual Boy Console with All 14 US Releases & Hard Case Bundle
Set Of 2 Vintage Nintendo Wallets-NOS-1988-Blister Pack-Item


New Super Mario Bros. Bundle, New Sealed! Nintendo DS VGA 95 – Really? Come on.
Dragon Feet NES home brew game from TooManyGames gaming expo – Apparently I should have bought one of these when it was offered to me.


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  1. As to the Super Mario DS Bundle, I checked the auction and is shows it sold for $4,000. I really hope someone purchased it with no intent on buying it just to screw with the guy. Can’t really tell though because all of his feedback is private (surprise!).

    But really, you shouldn’t even post listings for morons like this…

    It only seems to fuel the VGA craze (amongst buyers and sellers), while also giving traffic and spotlight for these VGA idiots overpopulating Ebay. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike all VGA sellers…Only guys like GoldLevelGames, who exist solely to overprice easy to obtain, average games for the sole sake of making a buck or two.

    At the end of the day, I can go drop $1,000 on the same item brand new and probably get 5 of them–with a high chance of one of them getting the same grade. It’s a complete joke and hacks like this serve no purpose other than acting, poorly, as a middle man between VGA and average joe buyers…


  2. In fact, to the idiot buyer (if he is legit), here you go:

    4 on Amazon (2 from reputable sellers):

    1 on Ebay that will probably be relisted soon:

    And probably many more still at your local KMart or Sears–if you feel like getting off your @$$.

  3. gamesniped pretty clearly rolls their eyes at these ridiculous VGA auctions, anyone actually paying that much for these things has a problem

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