NES Nintendo Quickshot Deluxe Sighting Scope QS-132

It was only since I started gameSniped that I discovered these exist. The Quickshot sighting scope is a Zapper accessory produced originally by Quickshot Supervision. The scope clicks onto the Zapper and has an adjustment mechanism which is even rarer than the scope itself. Finding a complete scope and adjuster is hard, a new one like this even more so. The adjuster is a red sliding-mechanism which is used to tilt the scope up and down according to the distance from the TV. The scope has no internal glass, but there is a cross in the middle of the plastic tube. It also looks badass.

Auction Here


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(Thanks Rick, Adam)


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    • The Ebayer you’re referring is selling a complete Stadium Events now, actually.

      Many people from here posted on the earlier listings for the same item when they were listed here. Definately a fake (as pointed out by Portnoyd and others).

    • BTW, I just noticed on his Stadium Events auction that he updated the listed and himself even notes it is fake!
      But it still has almost $3,000 bid on it…Should report the listing…

  1. The Ebayer you’re referring is selling a complete Stadium Events now, actually:

    I’ve seen the picture in that listing in previous auctions–several times now. Very Sketchy and pulled by seller multiple times!!!

    Also see the comments on the article directing people to the auction for the same item by the same seller:

    As Portnoyd pointed out then as well (along with others), definately a fake.

  2. Xbox 360 Kiosk Demo lot is sold.


    I have listed a NEW LOT – and it has everything the last lot had and a few more new disc’s I just found that the last lot did not have.

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