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Skyrim Custom Made Dragonborn Helmet Dovahkiin Helmet

A bit more intense than the Plush Helmets from PAX last year.

Auction Here


SG-1000 First Console Japan Import SEGA 1983 SC-3000 Working Complete
Rare Sega Sonic the Hedgehog albino white plush doll 1998
1992 Nintendo Game boy Watch Watch Boy
SDCC 2012 Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – 5 Shirts
Sealed Gamecube The Legend of Zelda the Windwaker With Bonus Disc
Dungeon Explorer II 2 (TurboGrafx-CD, 1993)
Legend of Hero Tonma (TurboGrafx-16, 1993)
Caltron 6 in 1 (Nintendo NES) Very Rare Unlicensed
Caveman Games Data East Nintendo NES CES Promo Official Worn T Shirt 1990 XL
Donkey Kong Country Returns/Kirby’s Epic Yarn Standee
Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution [Trial Edition] – Limited to 10,000 copies and only published in japan, it was Sega’s beta test for PSO Ep. 3.
sonic Sega all star RYO Suzuki Figurine – Limited edition Ryo Hazuki, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing figurine!! Only 1000 were made.
Mass Effect 3 Signed LIARA Limited Edition Lithograph SDCC Comic-Con

(Thanks Falcon & Others)


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  1. I wouldn’t post anymore black box auctions. They are all being shilled/price boosted by braveheart69 and giving attention to them is exactly what he wants to give more value to what he owns.

  2. Go into any complete black box auction on eBay and look at the bid history. Here’s a selection:

    See e***r (3349)?

    Look familiar?

    It’s win/win for him. He shills to keep value up and if he wins something, it’s still at a market value he’s proliferating so he’s at even money. He’s probably just using the same tactics he used to make his wealth, but on a smaller scale.

    Yes, it’s legal, savvy and hard to counter. However, it’s also questionably ethical, especially when you are a prominent member, and moderator, on NintendoAge. These tactics are costing the same members of his community more money every time he does it when he has a comically pristine set of these games, most in amounts that would make most people do a double take.

  3. This free attack to Braveheart is completely absurd. I can’t believe you’re dropping that low Portnoyd. Do you still have any minimal sense of self-control and dignity?

    Everyone that knows Erik has a collector knows that he is trying to document every variants existing for every NES titles, and it happens that Black Boxes are the titles with the more different variants. He bids on these games to win them, cause he wants to either document them or upgrade an already own copy he has. Erik regularly buys Black Box from me, and he don’t need to bid on eBay to do so. He’s main desire is to win them, not to jack up prices or maintain a certain value.

    As a matter of fact, what Braveheart is willing to pay for any game in any specific condition is already set in stones. He has not raised his bet since a couple years, so your theory of him trying to jacking up prices is just stupid and incorrect. Do your homework before straight accusing other people.

    • What’s amusing is that I did do my homework. I’m working off what I see. It takes minutes to look at his bid history and see everything he is bidding on.

      While it’s no secret that he has been very in depth in his work with documenting NES variants, I find it hard to believe that a man who made his own wealth would continue to spend it frivolously when a simple question to an eBay seller about a detail would suffice and save him $100+ per auction. It’s too contradictory to be logical.

      And as I mentioned earlier, BH needing an condition upgrade at this point is laughable. I’m sure 100% of his black box titles are in better condition than most sealed black box games.

      Braveheart can’t address this himself, nor did he when I brought this up on DP months ago. Had he done so, instead of having someone else do it now, it could have been an open and shut case.

  4. Most collectors who rail on the buying habits of others are in fact just projecting their own collecting fears and insecurities. When the dollars and cents are crucial for one to rationalize or justify their collection, or when one feels they are being priced out of a market (hello port) any deviation from what they consider to be “normal” or “rational” becomes to them “insane” or “ego driven”. I’ve caught myself doing this once or twice over the years. And you know what? It was during those times where I was a little nervous about my own spending and/or feeling priced out of a title or segment.

    So port, we get it. You wish it was 2001 and $100 bought pretty much anything you wanted. Well pushing aside reality isn’t doing you any favors. Its making you blind to what things actually should cost in 2012, and in the process of justifying and rationalizing everything into your viewpoint you are often coming across as a grade A douchnozzle.

  5. Going by your logic, anyone that bid on anything specific is trying to jack up price. It is just clear that you’re trying to make a point just to bash on BH, and only for this purpose.

    Also, he actually needs upgrade for a lot of his BB. You know why? Cause he don’t bid enough high on mint stuff. There’s a full pool of collectors that bid 2 times what he bids on the super minty stuff. If someone is trying to jack up BB prices, BH is not the one to blame.

  6. Dave, the fact that I don’t acknowledge you anymore, yes you should take personally. I find you completely intollerable and usually don’t even bother to even respond to your jealous whinning anymore. Why bother? You keep doing it all the time on multiple sites. Who cares. Your jealousy has you blinded to the truth even though what that Eiserlish guy actually said above is true. Obviously you stock my eBay bids. Good for you hopefully that’s more fun for you than writing about your daily sh*ts. If you weren’t so blinded by jealousy you’d see that I haven’t even been bidding or winning sh*t for quite awhile now because I refuse to pay these inflated BB prices for variant hunting or upgrade purposes. Yes I have tons of BB CIB’s that are pristine. But when you are trying to collect a set of all variants in pristine condition that gets hard to do. Some variants I find come in sh*t shape and so then I need to upgrade them. Blah blah who cares, obviously you. Get a life and collect what you want. If all you can afford to collect is a blog on logs then have fun with that.

    • Jealous when I have a full set of black box games of my own, half of which are probably in better condition than yours? Lol, ok. Believe it or not, not everyone sucks your cock because you’re rich. You could be a broke 18 year old kid doing this and I’d give you the same amount of shit.

      You’re just an easy target. Watching your panties get in a bunch makes it so, so worth it. Friends feed me NA links and you can’t stop bringing me up. The exact result I want, because not only are you butthurt, your half-hearted defense of your bidding tactics make you look even more guilty and suspicious. That’s glorious.

  7. Yeah yeah Dave I know you want to suck my cock but not thanks. I’m so happy you are banned from NA. At least there’s one place on the net we all don’t have to read your total useless garbage posts and personal attacks. Oh and good luck on having better looking Black Box Cib’s than me. Have fun with your log collection. 🙂

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