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Massively Overpriced NES Zelda Prototype

Is a Zelda proto cool? Yes. Is it worth $150,000? No. Seller also is including a Sealed VGA 85 Legend Of Zelda. Seller is doing a good job of over hyping it, especially for a proto with no known differences.

Auction Here

(Thanks Falcon, Alan)


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    • portnoyd – I’d rather not go round 2 with you but quit with the personal attacks. I’m a fool and a moron because I’m asking a lot for an incredibly rare item? It has a best offer option, sorry but I don’t take pics of poop as payment so it looks like you’re out of the running…

    • So I guess retards don’t understand what the best offer button actually is and what it is used for. And now I have lost all respect for the author of this so called “website”.


  1. But you’re fat, old, and childless.

    I’d rather have a Zelda prototype than non-functioning pair of testicles, but maybe that’s just me?

  2. Why are there great hires shots of the VGA bullshit and then some lowres geocities era image of the actual pcb? Dudes selling overpriced VGA crud can’t afford cameras now?

    • you sound mad. are you mad? a seminal vesicle cleansing will clear that right up, ask daddy to help you out. better yet just go play ‘drink the shiny stuff under the sink’

  3. Jurai – jelly much? Do some research please and see if it’s real or not. This isn’t rocket science, this is a very easy item to verify.

    portnoyd – Why continue with the personal attacks after we had resolution? You defended a known scammer. You apologize privately but attack me publicly? Say what you want but I’m earning a comfortable living spending 13K on games. Thanks.

  4. How exactly is that a prototype? I thought Nintendo made a special Zelda cart for testing, and it came in a yellow shell. Is this not the same thing, even if it is just a home made label?

    • Prototype, test cart, potatoes tomatoes

      The history of the item is recorded all over the intertubes, if you actually can afford this item and are an actual collector then the rest of it is a misnomer

    • The difference is the PCB. The shell is the same as the test carts you are correct. The board however is completely different. I will post more pics soon. Thanks

      • Unless you can demonstrate that the game itself if different from the final binary, it is just a regular copy of Zelda with an interesting case.

        But really, we all know you don’t really want to sell this. If you did, you would list it at $1 and no reserve and see what happens. Of course, since you have listed this at 2k monies levels, it is obvious that the intent of listing this is to inflate your swollen e-pinis, and to have the NA people suck up to you. Oh, and maybe if you are lucky, some lazy reporter will see this auction and say “ermahgerd Zerda pretertip”, and it will go viral, much like Adol’s auction a few weeks back

        I am not naive, I do a lot of studying of “prototypes”, an the vast majority have no business being called prototypes. Most of them have binaries that are either equivalent or superficially close to being complete. At that point, they are better to be called “review copies”, or “evaluation copies”, not prototypes. A prototype implies that it was in some definite state of incompletion. Considering that The Legend of Zelda was basically a poorly done English localization of the Japanese game, this is unlikely to be an actual prototype by any definition except by collectors.

        I realize that on my website, I would put this thing in the category of “prototype”, but it is unlikely that what you have is anything more than an oddity.

    • Jurai – I agree and will update the PCB shot. The truth is this was all I had and didn’t know I had to zoom in and make it blurry until I was posting the listing. Rather than take the cart apart again I stuck with that. I thought the provenance online would speak for itself but I’ll get clearer pics. Also I didnt ask anyone to come here and honestly do not recognize any one “defending” me. More than likely those who are happen to know the history of the item and don’t question the authenticity.

      • MinusWorlds the only Zelda 1 prototype I’m really familiar with is the FDS one to be honest, I recall DreamTR mentioning having it before, apparently drx confirmed that he had the rom dumped at some point and that it did contain code changes of some sort so atleast theres that. How much did you pay for it originally, since drx also stated he was quoted a ‘few thousand dollars’ at some point.

        Honestly I’m kinda bummed to see that you were super ecstatic about finally obtaining that prototype on NA, only to turn around, VGA grade it, then throw it up to solicit ridiculous offers.

          • jurai – you are getting confused. There is a lot of misinformation out there.

            Yes mine came from Dream. I don’t like mentioning names but anybody could google it I guess and figure it out.

            The FDS Zelda proto was released and dumped a couple years ago. That had differences between the released version because it was the original Zelda for the Famicom.

            Zelda for NES was a port of that, not a remake, hence why there are no material differences. As I recall, Dream never owned the FDS but he’d know better.

            The proto is as it was when I bought it minus the acrylic case. I did not get it VGA’d, it’s just being sold with a VGA copy of the game. I realize why people would get upset at what is perceived as flipping an item. Fact is that I really don’t plan on selling it. Personally someday I’d like to have it in a Museum when, and if, there is ever a video game museum. That is truly where it belongs.

            I am still super ecstatic to own this. It means a lot to me. If I wanted to flip it I could have. I have been offer a LOT of money for this and at the end of the day I would rather have it in my hands so far.

            As for what I paid that is between myself and DreamTR, I hope you understand.

  5. I’d probably be inclined to take MinusWorlds more seriously if him/his goonsquad didn’t feel the need to come leave retarded comments all over the place *shrug*. Also still don’t see how you list an item at 150k with such a horrible pcb shot.

    • Jurai, in all fairness, I pretty much threw any chance of rational discussion out the window with my initial comment.

      Then again, with an overpriced auction that has a slab in it, it wasn’t exactly off to the best start either.

  6. Also, the reason for the slab addition was because eBay is constantly pulling proto listings down. The VGA sub was added to include something eBay would have no issues with, so hopefully the auction would continue. Hope that makes some sense.

  7. Sorry it seemed like I had the FDS proto confused, I just worded my initial sentence incorrectly, I know your cart is not related / Zelda was originally an FDS game

  8. Also your statement that you really don’t intend to sell just backs up my earlier comment about listing it with a ridiculous price just to show it off. eBay isn’t a public display museum, it’s an auction site.

    • What is wrong with checking where the market is at for an item? Do you ever check what your house, car, boat, wife are worth? It’s the same damn thing. Sorry there isn’t a Kelley Blue Book for one-of-a-kind items. Why does this auction bother you so much? I continuously try and keep it civil and you keep coming back with snide remarks.

      • No, no I don’t. Plus it’s incredibly childish “Hey guys, look what I have, I have it listed at a crazy price because I don’t actually want to sell it, nah nah nah”

      • That’s probably why assembler and digitpress have areas for price checking items, NA probably has the same. Not sure how pointing out that you’re not even using ebay correctly is a ‘snide remark’

  9. I think this is a great item. Is it overpriced? Yeah probably, but many items are. The question is not is it overpriced, but what number is he willing to sell if for? When there is no “Comp” for an item, there is determined value. Value will be determined by the market, and after receiving several offers over the course of a week or so, you will have an idea of what the value is. After all, value is only that which someone is willing to pay for something. I hope you get a really good price for this item. Cheers!

      • Clearly yopu don’t understand the point Lee and
        I are making. Try and keep up if yiu are going to post…

        • The problem here is, and this is underlying with many of the moneybags and dopes on NA, that it’s not about collecting and playing, it’s about value and bragging rights – your vanity and greed. The hobby turned into an investment, partly because of this mentality.

          Saying you both have no intent to sell and at the same saying you want to know its value puts you firmly into the camp mentioned above. Saying “Look what I have, aren’t I special?” but thinking “I’ve already made 50% profit on this already, whee”.

          You wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t seen the investment possibilities and the chance to have something no one else has. Buying sealed games you won’t play (and then tripling that up with acrylic and a plastic bag everyone refuses to remove) just reinforces that mentality. I’ll be happy when people like you cash out. I could not care less if you do it at a loss or a profit, just as long as you’re gone, no longer making these idiotic vanity auctions for your own benefit. It’s like you didn’t get enough handjobs on NA, so you had to seek out the eBay collecting community for your own satisfaction.

          The only solace people like Jurai and myself can take is that this will eventually crash, just like comics did in the 90s, and we won’t lose any money – you will. Then maybe we can get back to collecting to play, instead of collecting to profit. Sure, the Stadium Events and Air Raids of the world will still be a tier of their own, but games like Hagane and Little Samson will come back down to earth.

          • portnoyd – your point is taken. Have you ever seen my collection? Not likely. If you had you wouldn’t rip me the way you do. The fact is probably roughly 80% of my collection is playable. From colecovision to Xbox 360. The other 20% is sealed yes. Of that the majority is VGA’d for preservation not for my epenis. You are and have been on a personal crusade to take down VGA and NA. NA is a great site with tons of knowledge and good people. Your BS is old. To insult someone that visits or is a member of a certain site is ludicrous. I don’t knock you got what you decide you want to collect. To each their own already. It wouldn’t matter what I did with this game. To those who say it isn’t legit or a “proto” well that is laughable. A proto doesn’t need to be incomplete to be a proto. That is actually pretty damn funny. Wow just wow.

          • MinusWorlds, you haven’t demonstrated this game is actually a prototype. Sure, it is on a prototyping board, but in all likelihood this is identical to the final version. A “prototype” of Zelda II sold for about $500 a few months ago. Yes, I know it is pal, and the case wasn’t as unusual as yours, but I don’t really see why it would be valued much more than that. More recently, a “prototype” of Super Mario Kart sold for $300. It was determined it was no different from final, and it wasn’t worth that much.

            You claim this is an interesting historical artifact. But why? There is no story to this at all other than “yeah, I bought it from DreamTR, and by the label it clearly was used in the evaluation process at Nintendo sometime in early 1987”. You claim the history of this particular cart is out there, but I found nothing in a quick google search (all references to Zelda prototype lead back to the Lost Levels FDS prototype, which is clearly a prototype by any definition).

            Just because it is a Zelda prototype, I would concede that this should be worth a bit more than a common game, even if the final binary is on there. But we are talking maybe $1000, not $100,000. If you paid much more than that, you are a fool.

          • Evan, you can hate on the price and the listing, but don’t argue that it isn’t a true prototype. It makes you look foolish. Zelda Test carts use machine soldered retail PCB’s with byte identical data to the released version. This is on a unique (as in, I’ve only ever seen this dev board for this game of the hundreds of protos I’ve seen) SRP-Test board and is clearly a game that was used in testing of sorts before it was ready for a retail release.

          • mrmark0673, I completely respect what you do, but I have to disagree. This item is purely a curiosity for collectors. It is a “physical” prototype, if you will, because it isn’t on a retail board, but the game itself is not in alpha or beta state (presumably). It may have some interesting history to go along with where it came from and how it was used, but that isn’t documented anywhere that I could find.

            The Lost Levels FDS Zelda prototype is far more interesting from a historical point of view, but because it is on a disc and it is not a North American item, no one paid four or five figures for it. It is a true prototype, as the game itself is clearly not finished. I know collectors like to call any sort of physical item that is not retail a “prototype”, but to those of use who only care about the actual binary, it certainly isn’t.

            We could argue all day, as this is a matter of semantics. We both know that a lot of collectors are in this for the bucks and the bragging rights, much like this MinusWorlds clown. When it comes to prototypes, there are two groups of people – those who are collectors, and those who are interested into game history and preservation who are getting these to release freely on the Internet. If the later group knows that a prototyping cart contains the final version of the game, or that the prototype cart has been dumped, the value of these items crashes hard. There is a reason for this – they don’t care about the physical item. That is why those who are in it for the money make no attempt to document what is on these things, and try to pass off every cart as a “prototype”. I personally think that is pretty dishonest and unfair to the non-collector bunch when they are trying to get these items for dumping. When prototypes are only going for $30 or so (as has been the case recently), I can live with getting something that has been dumped. But I know people who are paying hundreds of dollars for prototypes carts that have the final binary on them. Those aren’t the prototypes we are looking for!

            I assume this Zelda “prototype” is the same as final, but I assume that MinusWorlds has not actually tested that in the off chance that some person who wants to dump this might pay a premium to get it.

          • I agree that it is semantics above all else. Alpha/beta/review/etc. are more specific in their explanation of what the cart was specifically used for, and how the data differs from a final release. Regardless, they’re all still in the prototype stage of development. Again, it’s semantics above all else, so I can understand others disagreeing with this mentality.

            I also disagree with the two groups of prototype collectors. Aside from Dream, Matt and I have the largest amount of NES protos around. Not only do we collect them because we like tossing them on the shelf, we also have been pretty importanr in the preservation of these games and have released more free dumps of NES ROMs than anyone as of late. This isn’t 2001 where the Lost Levels was the be all end all place for preservation, things have changed.

            The $30 proto trend doesn’t reflect the NES market where prices have remained very strong. Dream has been ditching his SNES stuff which has ended cheap on EBay, but Faria is climbing near $300

            Tom is a good guy who I’ve hung out with several times. He has a unique piece of gaming history from one of the most celebrated game series of all time. He posted it on EBay with a high price with a best offer option. If he finds someone willing to spend an incredible amount of cash on the game, great! If he doesn’t he has a very, very cool piece of gaming history. Also great!

            I just don’t understand why an auction gets people so pissed off. They’re fucking video games guys…

          • I think it may be a cultural difference, Mark. In the United States, there is definitely a tendency for people to show off things, while doing that in other countries such as my native Canada would be frowned upon and considered rude. Let’s be clear here – the whole reason that MinusWorlds posted this prototype is because he wants attention. Avarice and pride are two of the seven sins, and I see this far too much in the collecting scene now a days. It is disgusting.

            This prototype is not as special as he is making it out to be, but as I said in an earlier post, at some point some lazy journalist is going to see this and make this viral news. And MinusWorlds will exactly what he wants. That will be the ultimate shame.

  10. You seriously must have your browser set to this page, and just keep hitting refresh over and over and over as quick as you reply. Also, you need to learn to spell.

  11. Who cares who sells what anymore.

    They could list a SMB/Duck Hunt cart for $50,000 for all I care.

    They’ll probably get nothing but fake bids and waste their time, but who cares?

    I have free will and can simply close the page. No harm done IMO.

  12. What a fucking pack of douchenozzles, fuck this sealed and VGA rubbish, games are meant to be played, NA and VGA are not a group of people who are knowledgeable about videogames and the history of videogames, they are a pack of fat useless fucks who think that “investing” in videogames is a great idea, suck me sideways….


  14. A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.

  15. @MinusWorlds i would not worry about what portnoyd says, he has a reputation on here for being jealous of anyone who has something rare that he does not own. He is nothing but a troll and should be banned from this site as he just wants to cause drama, i wouldnt be surprised if its some mental kid i used to know who lives in ireland who does this kind of thing on other sites too.

  16. eBay is not a personal arena for you to gauge prices. eBay is a place where people come to buy things. You admitting on here that you don’t intend to actually sell it implies it has no business being on eBay. If you want to see how much money someone is willing to pay, set up a post on NA and let them send you PMs. All this does is give news sites some ridiculous story through which they draw their own conclusions about the price, etc. All this does is reflect poorly on the collecting community. Because when people see something as ridiculous as this and then they find something in little Johnny’s old game box, they think they’ve got a gold mine.

    • I can’t believe there are this many haters in the gaming world. He has more money then you, get over it, sunshine.

      • So, being an idiot with too much money is now something to be admired? He’s using his stack of cash to flaunt his stuff in a manner that not only wastes everyone’s time, but can negatively affect an already ridiculously inflated market.

        • How exactly am I wasting anyone’s time? Free will, you choose what you do with your time not me. I don’t know you Garrett and yet your first post is calling me an idiot?

          It’s amazing to me everyone is upset about this. I have it for best offer yet I want 150K? Use some common sense please. If I truly wanted that there would be no best offer option.

          Please refrain from personal attacks. If you need to stoop to that level maybe you just reconsider your own intellectual capacity.

          For anyone that wanted better pictures of the PCB the auction was updated and I will add a video as well.

    • Having seen pictures of you online I’m kind of surprised with how brash you are on forum and message boards. You look like a massive pussy in every picture I’ve come across (a fat one at that). There’s no way you talk this way to people in general. You would constantly be getting your ass kicked.

      I also have to ask, are you actually impotent? I’ve seen it posted here a number of times now, and you don’t have any kids. Does it strike a nerve when people bring up the fact that you’re fat and have no kids? It would certainly rattle me. Luckily, I’m not that pathetic.

        • Maybe you should spend more time with your kid and less time stalking video game collector’s eBay accounts? It’s a little strange to be so passionately protecting your video game hobby online at your age with people you don’t even know. Put your kid in a carriage and go for a walk why don’t you? You might even lose a few lbs and build some sort of relationship with your child

          You’re also a pretty big hypocrite when it comes to profiteering in the video game world. I’m mean how many thousands of dollars in profit have you made from selling items like your NWC? So you can buy an NWC, sit on it for a few years, turn around and sell it for a massive profit, and it’s no big deal? Someone on NA does it and you fire up the torches.

          You never did mention how you act in public either. Have you ever had someone punch you in the face? I can’t imagine going through life while conducting myself like you do online without someone wanting to viciously assault me. Have you been in a fight? You must have at this point.

          • I appreciate the style, as it’s very direct and cutting – most beat around the bush – but did you really think it was going to work? You’re taking a page from my playbook ffs.

            At the very least, use your own handle. This anonymous trolling really doesn’t suit someone who knows how to properly troll.

  17. MinusWorlds should just toss that shit in the trash, it’s worthless. Who the fuck would want a one-of-a-kind item from some shitty franchise that no one played or heard of? Plus, that old Japanese dude who created all those shitty games may have touched this cartridge…who would want his yellow germs all over it?

    Do you all just circle-jerk each other cause you can’t reach your own 1-inch dongs over endless flabs of fat? Gamesniped had some legitimacy to me, but I’ll have to un-bookmark it now because its run by ignorant clowns who’ve been rejected from the collecting world.

    Doesn’t mommy ever call you guys up for dinner, or does she directly come to the basement to spoon feed you?

  18. Where should I begin? First, just because you can list anything at any price on eBay, it doesn’t mean you should. Of course, it is far more childish to start a thread on NintendoAge to poke fun at the offers you get. It is even more childish to list the eBay ID of the people who send you offers. It doesn’t matter that their offers are as ridiculously low as your BIN price is high. This type of behavior is what helps destroy the hobby and turns off people who might be interested in starting a collection. Show some maturity. As someone who could easily afford this cartridge, I can tell you that I am not interested in dealing with unprofessional sellers no matter what they have. Your loss…

    • Yeah I agree that was a bit immature. As someone with 100% positive feedback and 5 Stars all around I do take selling seriously. If you haven’t noticed I stopped posting the offers and interactions.

      As for my loss? I disagree, there is one of these in the world. If you truly wanted it you would approach me in private and see where I was with it and what I wanted. I don’t doubt you could afford it as I don’t make assumptions, there are a lot of people who could afford it if they really wanted.

      To say I’m not professional means you know nothing about me. What I did on NA was wrong but nothing compared to what’s been going on here…yet you failed to even mention anything about that.

  19. Since when it is that bragging and videogaming don’t go hand and hand?

    You beat someone online in COD and talk shit for the next 20 minutes.

    You beat your buddy in MK and you pull rip out his spine.

    You get the highest score EVER on an arcade machine and you send in video footage of the event so your name in entered into that Walter Day book. then you post about it on the forums.

    So what?

    Bragging is fun.

    Hunting down rare items for the thrill of the hunt is fun for some people. Why do some people have to get down on others the things they like to do?

    Ok he is bragging and showing off. He found somthing that makes him happy. Not specificlly accusing anyone here of this but is the life of a person who gets a rush out of purchasing and owning a rare videogame item any more shallow than that of someone who just plays games all day long to earn a rare achievement?

  20. And this is why I am 100% in favor of taxing the shit out of the rich. If they can spend so much on frivolous things and not on what is actually important, then they deserve to have their taxes increased. At least that way they have less money to throw away on useless, stupid things. I sense MinusWorlds ia a dirty, Bush humping, republican.

    • Lets see, the top 2%, pay 36% of the countries taxes, yet they only bring in 13% of the countries money.

      Lets do a blind study and see who should pay their fair share:

      A) I pay $3000 a year in taxes

      B) I pay $3,000,000 a year in taxes

      Who do you think should pay more? I would say A is not paying enough, or B is paying way to much.

  21. Sure are alot of people in here who apparently hate the staff / site but feel the need to come here. Frankly I wish nicola/link/portnoyd/everyone would stop posting any and all VGA related items, cuz the only people selling that stuff on ebay are people from NA who are trying to brag / overvalue everything. Again, I’m really disappointed to see that this guy buys a great prototype from DreamTR, goes on NA talking about how excited he is to have such a unique item, then immediately throws it in acrylic and tosses it on ebay. I was happy to see someone excited to have such a great item, I’m not excited to see someone get a great item from DreamTR (which he refuses to place a price on but drx has said n the past that DreamTR only asked a few thousand) and immediately try to value it into the stratosphere so they can go feel smug with the rest of the NA crew.

    badinsults: fwiw the prototype apparently does have byte differences from the retail rom, but guess it’d be hard to tell when it’s just sitting on a shelf gathering dust in acrylic *shrug*

    • Are you speaking for DreamTR Jurai? No you aren’t because if you took the few minutes it would take to ask him about this you would know we spoke about the possibility of me listing this WHEN I bought it, not now, not after I listed it, but BEFORE money exchanged hands. Months ago actually.

      A few thousand or a few hundred doesn’t matter, it’s none of your business. You are wrong regardless. Here’s the thing if I bought it for 100K you would be here laughing and telling me how foolish I am to spend that much, if I spent “a few thousand” and list on eBay for more you have an issue with that too.

      Nobody knows this BS better than Dream himself. How many games have Mr.Mark/Beagle/Dream dumped for free?! How many? Yet that’s not enough for some of you. Lord forbid they actually try and recoup some of the money THEY invested. Suddenly we are profiteers and greedy. The fact is they don’t owe you anything. If it weren’t for Dream and the Nolan’s a lot of games and history would be gone.

      This isn’t about VGA as mush as it people getting upset about a high dollar item with a BEST OFFER option. How hard is that to understand?? BEST OFFER. I’m not valuing anything. If I listed it at 150K and did not have a best offer option then you’d be correct.

      Again you refer to me as smug yet don’t know a thing about me. Do yourself a favor and go to NA and ask people what I’m like. You won’t because you’d rather sit behind your computer and continuously call me out with nothing behind it but an auction and a few comments here after I was insulted off the bat. Go ahead go over there and ask what I’m like I dare you. Man up or close your mouth. Either do some research on me or STFU.

      I don’t hate the staff here and I’ve said on NA I actually agree with some of port’s points. I do not agree with the delivery. We had an issue in the past and we BOTH apologized to each other and yet I come here to find he’s insulting me again. He defends a known scammer and that’s okay. I list a one of a kind item and I’m the @sshole.

      • “Again you refer to me as smug yet don’t know a thing about me. Do yourself a favor and go to NA and ask people what I’m like”

        Really now? I went to the thread and members there seems to encourage your childish antics and even encourage them. (posting offers from Ebay)

        Let’s just list what you did:
        – Using Ebay to show off your collection
        – Posting and clerly trolling here when you know the userbase has a different collecting mindset (and keeping at it for days)
        – Posting snippets from here to laugh at on NA
        – Posting the offers and username from Ebay

        The verdict is clear: You’re a smug asshole, congratulations!

        Now go stop posting here, seriously

        • I apologized for doing that and have already pulled the posts down. It was childish, I am sorry. You expect me to be attacked personally and say nothing? I invited you guys to come to NA and ASK what I’m about not draw conclusions from a mistake I apologized for. Yet no one has gone there, do a search under my username. See what I have done to help further people’s collections. You have one thread to use as an example. ONE. This is a public forum, if you don’t want to read my posts move on. I’ll keep continuing to post as long as people like you attack me. Get over it.

  22. ^ I’m sure you are just being a troll here.

    If you punish economic success then who will work hard to achieve it? Then when no one works, everyone is poor. The rich didn’t become rich by throwing money away. The did so by spending less than they earn and investing wisely.

  23. @Jurai – The whole point of the website is to point out newsworthy and interesting auctions. Even the people who think this thing is a piece of junk feel compelled to talk about it.

    If you are unhappy with a particular item with a high asking price then ignore it. Nothing says disinterest more than the sound of crickets. I didn’t think he had a chance in hell of selling this item but after all this noise I wouldn’t be shocked if he did sell it.

  24. Do you have to always lump everyone from NA into one group?

    I don’t post here, I occasionally see a link and look, and I swear, every time people are talking about the “NA crew of douche bags.”

    Is there really a need? If you don’t like NA, fair enough, don’t go, no worries. The constant dragging through the mud of a site that I’ve enjoyed being a part of for years is just tiresome. For the record, I’ve only bought one of the 650ish games I have in my collection on ebay, and I don’t give half a fuck if people are charging a grand for Little Samson or whatever (I also won’t be a buyer at that price by any stretch, but people can and will do whatever they want with their stuff).

    No chance of living and letting live without the constant hatred? I don’t have a bit of a problem with the auction, it’s not really something I’d even want to have (I think it’s cool, but I’m pretty much sticking to licensed games), but even if I did, why does one guy (or a dozen) putting up a link like that make everyone at NA a bunch of circle-jerkers getting off on how expensive he thinks it is?

    I think I own 3 sealed games, maybe 2, and whenever I decide to play them, I’ll own really nice CIBs instead (one of these days, I really am going to play Jeopardy, I swear it). Some guys love the sealed games, and they are cool to look at, I’d rather play the bulk of them, but to each their own.

    If I didn’t have fun collecting I wouldn’t do it, and there are plenty of people on NA with the same mindset.

  25. Why does this auction get featured on gamesniped?
    Its a vga graded zelda (nothing special)!
    And a prototype of of zelda (thats cool).
    But it has no differences(so its nothing special).

    The seller started topic on NA with lets have some he is a troll.
    Just ignore.
    IF..however you can’t ignore just report the guy on ebay.Spread the word on social media and reporting leads to end of auction.

    Troll killed .

    • Best ever, all the whiny complainers get eaten up in regards to not knowing about collectibles and look bitter and frustrated in the process.

      People insulting the guy and he is 55,000 richer in the process. It’s ok, you guys can just argue this isn’t worth it while tom laughs all the way to the bank

    • I miss you. <3 I'm surprised you gave up so easily. I guess someone doesn't want to reveal who they really are so that's why you gave up. Probably another NA admin. I mean, at this point, half the regular userbase is a mod, so it's not a bad guess.

      But come back soon! Did I mention I'm balding pretty badly on the back of my head? Surely, you can come up with some biting insult off of that that will totally get me all flustered or something.

  26. SOLD !!

    WOW I guess that is what the people wanting to stop the auction were afraid of. Well I don’t think he could have done it without all of you guys out there. All the talk good and bad helped get the word out to the mainstream press where it just snowballed.

  27. Guys thank for the sentiment, but we don’t have to throw this back in their face. At the end of the day they are collectors also

    Let’s not perpetuate the bitterness against NA as we only prove some of their accusations

    That’s about it.

  28. Wow Minusworlds, you really are a fucking moron.

    “I definitely cannot thank Jason Wilson, Mark Nolan, and Matt Nolan enough,” he added. “They had the foresight to go after these prototypes years and years ago. They preserved important pieces of gaming history…”

    TheRedEye/Frank Cifaldi and Lost Levels? Do you even know who they are? Quite naturally, you thank two guys who have largely thrown money at prototypes (a good deal that were unearthed by other people) and the one guy who horded prototypes and won’t let a single ROM go without some form of compensation.

    I really couldn’t care about how much you sold it for but please, don’t blow hot air like this.

  29. I take back the Nolan comment ; it is really inaccurate and unfair considering games like Kitty Catch and Hopping Mad. I stand by my other comments though, it shows a real lack of perspective and history to mention dtr a preservationist and not mention others.

    • I would say DTR is more of a horder than a preservationist. He refuses to dump and release almost all of these games. Your not preserving anything, thats hording.

  30. Was just curious, so I decided to investigate on these VGA’s. The address of their business, is a UPS store. So they pay $10/month for a mailbox at the UPS store, pick up your games, take them home, sit on the couch and say “Hey this one is in good shape, ill give it a 93” and throw it in some plastic case and ship back. Dudes making a killing off you suckers.

    • Nice investigation. Next we should investigate how much these “suckers” sell these games for on Ebay after they come back from VGA. I bet these “suckers” are losing money hand over fist.

  31. So this sells, and almost instantly there is an article written about it and published. Geez, this was not preplanned was it. Im going out on a limb and say this was him bidding on his own item, until you can provide a scan of the payment, certified check, etc.

    • Buyer is real. If you knew the buyer (short list of possible suspects) and you searched items he bought you would know this to be true.

    • Jake,

      Yeah I bid on my own item so I could pay $1500 in eBay fees. Brilliant. I don’t owe you a receipt/payment slip or jack shit. There is a non-disclosure in place. Even if there wasn’t I have nothing to prove to you.

      • But come on. This is Jake. You have to prove it to him !

        In other news this is now over 100 posts long. Is this another record?

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