Square Official Promo Kit LE Disney Kingdom Hearts Glass Cups In Wooden Box

I’ve never actually played Kingdom Hearts, and just recently picked up the original to try to play with my Son.

Anyway, according to the seller this was a for private prelease party when the first game came out back 2002 and limited to 200.  It’s a large 9 3/4 x 7″ x 4″ inch wooden box with logo on top. Inside are two large four inch tall official glass cups. One with the logo etched in, the other with Sora, Goofy, Donald in full color. There is also a metal flashlight key inside a metal container.

Auction Here


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    • I actually don’t think they get commissions, but if they do, who from?
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  3. eBay has a program that if you put up links to eBay auctions on your site and somebody buys something from that link, the site gets a commission. It’s pretty common. Thts the reason sites like this exists. There’s even some sites that have absolutely no insight at all they just have straight eBay links top to bottom. Some of them ate pretty ridiculous.

  4. Some people are just so entitled on the internet, whining like little bitches when they get all the info for free.. That’s people for ya..

    I love this site btw! Keep up the good work!

  5. Yeah I’s a spazzin out over the links cuz they don’t work and I have to go it myself ooh nooo! Or maybe I’z just trolling. Fucking Internet nerds get so butthurt because somebody wrote two lines about a link not working on thier awesome facorite site. A site where the whole point is to link to other sites no less. Lmao. If you guys didn’t keep feeding the trolls they would eventually die out. Get over it.

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