VGA Graded NES Prototype – *SIGH*

First off, read my last post. It cover many things which are relevant here.

Anyways, a seller has listed a Super Mario / Duck Hunt / World Track Meet prototype for $200,000 and a GRADED NES Arcadia VI Prototype For $100,000.

Arcadia appears to be a crappy four game multi-cart.

This is obviously a cash grab based on the $55k Zelda Sale and it will be interesting to see if it works.

Here’s the thing though, VGA grading prototypes is the absolutely stupidest thing I have seen all year. How in god’s name are they authorities in prototypes?

Smart move for the seller as it adds authenticity to auction, but realistically, it makes no sense. To me, it shows VGA are all about the money and will grade basically anything, weather or not they are qualified to do so. Which in turn, (to me) calls into question everything they do.

Side note to seller: Where’s the Chuck Yeager reproduction?

I know many of you will have strong feelings about this one, but try to keep the comments a little more civil guys.


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  1. I was curious about so I did some research. Apparently his “office” is a UPS Store mailbox that you can get for $10/month. This dude is making a killing off a bunch of suckers. He goes to the UPS store to pick up his packages from his UPS mailbox (that accepts USPS mail), takes them home, sits on his couch eating doritos, and says “Hey, I think this is in good condition, ill give it a 93”, throws it in a case, prints up a label and mails it back. Stop giving this dude your money.

    And as far as the 55k Zelda…Dont believe it. The guy probably bid on his own copy on ebay, then almost instantly there is a website that published an article with an interview with the guy, I would assume it was already made prior to the sale, just to get publicity out of it. Ill wait until I see a cashed check scan or something.

    • You can’t bid on a BIN, you make an offer. It was a legit sale and if you don’t want to believe that then don’t, frankly it’s just pathetic how nearly everyone has acted over this.
      If you don’t like it fair enough, move on, no need to crap on the owner and sale.

      BTW This post is aimed at you and everyone else who has been a arse over this sale.

    • It’s true… that UPS store is right around the corner from my apartment and I see him go in there all the time. I’ll never understand the appeal of this crap, especially after that NWC he graded a few months back.

  2. Bid/Offer, same difference DERP. Just funny how literally minutes after it ended, there was an interview about the “sale” on one of the websites. Maybe you are the one that is wrong, since the majority seems to think different than you.

    • Dude I’m right here. For someone who sucks at fact finding you sure know how to run your mouth. The first interview was 12hrs after the sale. It was done by the same site that started the hype. Literally minutes? On what planet is that?

      -Auction ended August 2nd 2012 12:17 am
      – Interview questions returned to at 10:32 after receiving the questions at 9:31 am on the 2nd.

      Great detective work Jake. You have unlocked the truth

  3. had alot of respect for MrMark as a collector, but if he’s on the ridiculous VGA bandwagon with this one then there goes that

      • Yeah no kidding, those dudes are all over the place, flying to other countries to pick up neogeo carts, dropping $30k without thoroughly ensuring something is legit, too much

          • That is fucking hilarious.

            You’ve reached the point past vehemently defending and are now in the completely fanatical area. Seriously, go on and say that in that thread. You’ll need to change your real handle to VGAsshole to compensate for the new asshole they’re going to rip open for you. (c wut eye deed thar)

          • I wasn’t the only one either. You need to take the VGA cock out of your mouth and reread what you’re saying. Sarcasm isn’t sarcasm anymore when you present the persona of someone who would slab themselves if they could.

    • Why would you link to a thread where you just repeatedly talk about their penises and insinuate that they’re rapist? Unless I’m missing it within the thread, I don’t think they even address/acknowledged you even once throughout the entire unprovoked lashing.

      Not that I’m defending them or anyone else, but it certainly doesn’t seem like a good example of them “trolling” anything or anyone outside of maybe arguing with Bojay.

    • I made the same comments before, mark and his bro just swoop in to sucker unsuspecting sellers then flip for profit, I hardly respect that as collecting

      • So in this case, who is the unsuspecting seller that I suckered? Dreamtr when I bought Arcadia VI? Yeah, that guy doesn’t know the first thing about selling prototypes. Or is it the seller of the SMB/DH/WctM proto? That moron listed it for open auction and let the market dictate the price. That one was just too easy…

        Enjoy the auction!

    • You do realize that all you’re doing is drawing more attention to their sales, right? The more you post, the more views the auction gets, the more likely these guys are to cash in. That’s exactly what happened in the Zelda post, and you’re making the same mistakes here again.

  4. i think as a community with certain interest, we need to educate those who are willing to invest. we need to create a valid point that this vga bullshit is clearly for profit and not for passion.

    someone, please, write or create a guide about the disadvantages of this abomination we call VGA. people need to know what they’re getting into.

    • Why would they? An extremely high-priced prototype in an acrylic case should have no bearing on CIB, loose, sealed, etc, games. The only negative impact this auction could possibly have is flooding eBay with more high-priced prototype auctions. With so few such games in existence, I have to imagine the impact will be minimal.

    • This will have very little impact on most items. We are talking about a single sale. This was a rare case. It was a first party NOA NES prototype of a major flagship title and with heavy press. You are safe. The price of Double Dribble has not tripled because of it.

  5. Jake – I have absolutely, and I repeat, absolutely nothing to prove to you. It was a legit sale. There is an NDA in place. Google it. Eat a dick. The long way.

  6. Funny that everyone in this hobby has to have everything proved to them wheather it be a find or a sale or the authenticity of an item this man child says there’s nothing to prove.

    • I can tell you why. Cause there is a tendency to buy your OWN games to show off some artificial interest…As a collector of sealed games and the one who saw the whole VGA thing started.. Now there are more FAKE sales then ever. I saw so many 10k games being sold then relisted.. then sold again.. then relisted again.. and again.. People try to sell their USELESS OVERPRICED shite for insane money, especially after the Stadium Events.. 99% of them fail.
      So unless there are solid feedbacks all those 50k sales are fakes.

  7. Even more research into VGA…They are not a legally registered company, nor are they part of the BBB. If you are in Roswell, GA, you are unable to drop your game off at his “office”, aka, garage. When you ask why its mailed to a UPS store, they claim because their location is a secret. Very shady stuff. Im willing to bed this dude is also dumping all the roms for himself.

    • Instead of mailing our games to VGA, could we mail them to one of your seven vacation homes???

      If he is dumping the roms himself, it would be a real waste of time.

      As of now there is only one VGA’d prototype: Arcadia VI. The rom for that game was publicly released for free by The Twins a long time ago now. Why would he bother to dump the roms to a game that’s been dumped for years?

  8. Also, unable to find anyone named Chad Thompson on facebook that lives in Roswell GA where he claims he lives. Is it even a real person? Or is his name a “secret” as well?

  9. Yeah like I said Dark I really want to pay an extra $1500 in eBay fees. Your conspiracy theories are laughable. I mean seriously? It’s because of people like you we need a service like VGA or do you not remember posting on your “site” that you thought my Final Fantasy II was fake? So I get it Graded and Authenticated and you have an issue with that too. Pick one side of the fence.

    Jake – You seriously just dropped “Chad isn’t on Facebook” Bwahahaha. It’s a good thing you didn’t have any credibility to begin with.

    • Well if it helps people to get some proof that they are wasting money for something “real” then it’s a way to go. But mostly it’s n00bs of cause.
      As for conspiracy – your FF2 had shittiest pictures possible so indeed it was questionable. But you know what.. i’ve seen fake seals better then the real ones. Many times. There’s still RESEALED VGA graded game on ebay for sale. lol. So it is very good for you that your ff2 graded and you got rid of it.
      There’s Chrono Trigger sealed on ebay right now and even though it’s FAKE people still bid like hell. Poor n00bs

      • Actually you’re right I forgot about the pics. Proto Zelda sale was legit. You have no more reason to question my auctions. You had an issue with 3 of them so far. First FFII, then Earthbound and then Zelda. You don’t like VGA we get it but stop questioning my auctions. I am a legit seller and have been for more than a decade.

  10. Does anyone else think MinusWorlds has asperger’s syndrome? The dude is always talking shit/starting shit/telling someone to fuck off etc… How can anyone have respect for a CUNT?

    • Wow dude really? A cunt for defending myself and my sale? I didn’t start ANY of this and ive tried multiple times to keep it civil. Yet every time I turn around I’m being called an idiot, scammer, liar etc. and now you drop the C word? You’re a class act panzer.

      I didn’t start the stupid bs yet it’s my fault? I’m not supposed to say anything?

      You’re a prime example of why people are dissapointed with the actions of the people here. Way to take it to a new low. I can’t honestly believe the site owner allows people like you on here.

      • Well, considering all you do is curse people out, yeah, you are a being a little cunt. You are an arrogant little ass that thinks you are better than everyone else by the way you talk to people.

        • Jake maybe you need to go back through the threads and see how this started. Off the bat I was being personally attacked and asked port not to do that. Everyone jumped on his back and kept hammering away without reason. Not going to make apologies for having the testicular fortitude to defend myself. There have been some positive posts here and there but for the most part you guys have no class. I never started the name calling yet this is all my doing? Go back and find one post that was unprovoked. One. That’s right you cannot. Arrogant wow dude read your posts and you call me arrogant? So what do you do when you get attacked for no reason? Just sit back and let your estrogen flow? I hope one of your seven vacation homes is near MA. Would love to see you act like this to my face. Night night. Fact.

          • No, I could care less if im “attacked” on the internet. I dont have this huge ego like yourself that cares what people on the interwebs say. I am in MA in fact….Where you wanna meet?

      • Very true, but it doesn’t help that you go on about “vacation homes” while the twins talk about their auction affording them a “bathroom remodel.” Essentially, you’re begging for and courting controversy at that point, so I can’t say I, nor most others, have or should feel sorry for you…

        • To be fair Robin, it’s not just the bathroom. Matt and I are having tile and back splash work done in both of our kitchens starting tomorrow. Went with 12″x24″ titles for the floor of both units, though Matt’s is an ulta-modern looking slate. Not my style, but should look nice in his place.

          Anyway, the bathroom remodel is a response. We didn’t list the game, sell it, and say “just bought a new bathroom bitches!”. We listed the game, people laughed about the price, said it would never sell, and challenged our methods of obtaining the game. After it sold, we responded with “and it paid for our bathroom bitches!”

          Subtle difference, but it is a bit rewarding to prove haters wrong AND build equity in you house at the same time.

          • I would worry more about the diminishing return in “equity purchases” in a home these days and go for more enjoying what you pay for, but I digress.
            Your point is well taken. I, in your shoes, probably wouldn’t take the high road either. Your response is, mostly, warranted. Thanks for the clarification!

  11. MinusWorlds you and the McNolans are cut from the same cloth, but at least they know how to create a sentence without being completely derogatory and using curse words towards someone in a diminutive manner anytime they are being criticized. Interestingly enough you come off as more arrogant (which is hard to believe) yet at the same time you come off as completely uneducated. Calling you a cunt is being nice, while the McNolans obliviously are in this hobby to make money at least they seem to have semi good intentions with what there doing with there lives by creating a pugilist gym and selling proto remakes (for profit) but still in a sense giving back to the community.

    MinusWorlds you have presented yourself as a uneducated nobody, someone that gets flustered when someone “attacks you” online that relegates every conversation to a “i’m better then you fuck off” … Bro real talk you’re a loser, I don’t care how cool you think you are selling a proto for a lot of money (still unconfirmed) you’re a complete tool that has done a great service soiling your reputation and the McNolans. And I can guarantee after these transgressions people will only deal with you and the McNoalns on a no choice basis. And the further your names are pounded into the ground the less help you will get by anyone in the community with any further deals. Take my friend and may your journey be as rewarding as your detestation.

    • I have a feeling the “Tom gives nothing back” mentality is going to change in the next month or so. I’ll be sure to bump this when the time is right…

      Although I don’t disagree with you about how Matt and I are perceived in the community (polarized, loved or hated, mostly hated), Tom has a great reputation for helping people with their collections. Very difficult to find a single person on NA that would say anything negative about him.

      None of us (or any of you all) are bad people, we just have a completely different perspective on gaming and collecting. I have no qualms about being a gamer, collector, and making a buck in the process. Some people get fired up about it, some don’t.

  12. At this point if he does “give something back” it will be an empty attempt to rebuild his reputation. If he wants to give back he needs to take an etiquette course on how to communicate with people.

    • Some will perceive it that way, but those are the type of people that will hate on Tom or people like Matt and I regardless of what any of us do. Still, I have a feeling this will be a big enough deal that most people will appreciate it for what it is; a way to give something back to the people who support guys like us in the community.

  13. “I have a feeling the “Tom gives nothing back” mentality is going to change in the next month or so. I’ll be sure to bump this when the time is right…”

    so tom is the one who bought socks the cat from dreamTR?

    im guessing he will dump it, which is awesome. thanks minusworlds!!

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