The Ultimate John Madden Football Collection 1988-2012

While I do not see anyone buying this (ever), it is pretty unique. Even the 3DO and Palm stuff is in here.

You will get nearly every title with Maddens name on it. Of 142 Madden titles, including major variants, there are only 7 missing. Couple are harder to get, others can easily be purchased but were never a priority of mine. You will also get every Game Guide from 2000-2011 plus a couple very hard to find guides from early in the series. There is also a long list of advertisements, promotional items, store displays, and accessories. And dont forget the handheld and other games with Madden’s endorsement.Â

Auction Here

(Thanks Nate!)


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  1. John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden.

  2. Nothing “worthless” about it at all – either of them. We are what we collect and there are dedicated sports fans (and in both cases, fellow variant hunters) that do the same things we do.

    The hockey one actually contains a nifty hidden timeline within itself. You can see the rise and fall of game systems popularity based on how many of each game it got.

    Just because it’s sports, doesn’t make it any worse or better than someone with a complete Virtual Boy library or someone who only collects RPGs.

    Second, if you’re basing your judgement on financial value and not actual enjoyment, that makes NBA 2 Ball the greatest basketball game of all time.

    Don’t hate – appreciate.

  3. Man i hate nerds…

    I go on this website often enough and most of what i see in the comment boxes is complaining and whining. As a sports fan i was quite intrigued with the collection. I must say its not worth 2000 dollars at all (Considering that i could probably get each game with the Box and Instructions included for about 20 bucks max)…but that doesn’t make it worthless. It would be better if the games were still in plastic because while its a pretty cool collection to own, its not a very rare thing to see a completed series…

    If someone does buy it…i’m definitely going to be selling mine in the near future…Maybe look into other rare sports games and see what i can go with…

  4. That’s just the thing though. This guy is trying to sell something that doesn’t have much value.. so, “worthless”. I come to this site looking for rarities, not bargain bin games no one purchases. Even you have to admit there’s really nothing special about this. Any mom and pop shop could through this collection together 10x over.

    And just for Jason: I never said that because something is valuable, it’s more enjoyable. When did I make this statement? Also, sports + video games (never)= enjoyment.. (Yes, that one is my personal opinion)

    • “…And just for Jason: I never said that because something is valuable, it’s more enjoyable. When did I make this statement?…”

      Wrong angle. I meant enjoyment of – collecting – not the opinion of a game’s quality.

      i.e. This collection isn’t worthless because the seller enjoyed collecting it. It has / had (sentimental / fan) joy for the seller.

      Your enjoyment comes from hunting rarities. His was from collecting football games. Doesn’t matter how common the games are, it’s still worth it (the act, not the financial value) to someone.

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