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Hand Drawn NES Origional Box Art – Color Dreams Baby Boomer

This is an original pre-production HAND DRAWN artwork used to design the box of the NES game BABY BOOMER for the company Color Dreams.

From the seller:

 I had some insider connections and came in contact with one of the owners of WISDOM TREE (who actually bought Color Dreams and a few other smaller companies towards the end of the NES’ original run, before SNES took over). Through numerous conversations with her, I ended up buying about half of a storage unit worth of items that were put away when they stopped selling (I can send pictures of what I still have including copies of ALL their advertisements and about 20 handpainted/hand drawn images including some incredible ones like the actual painted image used to create Exodus, Journey To The Promised Land).

About half of the items had been damaged from storage (mold or water damage), but the other half, such as this item, were in great shape!

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  1. ha ha, worth about $25 max! bungie was shifting original halo artwork last year (framed) for prices between $500 & max of around $5000 (original master chief artwork!), this lunatic is punting horrid artwork for a game nobodies ever heard of for $3k+…the mind boggles and the blurb on a $75k offer?!? he/she has a vivid imagination, trust me $25 max for this stuff…

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