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Power Drive is an extremely rare European only release from 1994. So rare, I’m told that this is the only copy to be listed on eBay in the past six years. Even screenshots of the game were pretty much non existent until SMSPower dumped the game in 2010.

The game itself is a top down rally racer featuring pre-rendered 3D sprites and horrible controls. The programmers used many animation tricks that take advantage of LCD persistence (like screen burn, but temporary), which means the ROM has flickering in most Emulators.

In addition to the Game Gear version, it was released by Rage Software for the Mega Drive in Europe, Australia and Brazil. Later, it was made available in North American via a Sega Channel download.

Auction Here UPDATE: Looks like the seller either sold it privately or opted to wait awhile.

Here’s the fun thing, the seller actually picked this up for an insanely cheap price.

(Thanks Jason!)


Nice Nintendo DS NFR Demo Lot – Features Level Five Premium Silver and fourteen other US / EU titles. The highlight is the Level Five Premium Silver which was given away for free at the Tokyo Game Show on media-only day. Within five minutes of the main doors opening, the line at the booth was over ninety minutes long. No idea of the release numbers. Asking price of this lot seems fair to me (roughly $10 per game), and has OBO.
Under Defeat Dreamcast Limited Edition – Under Defeat is a shoot ’em up arcade released for the Sega Dreamcast in 2006. The game features an alternate reality based on World War II where you control German-speaking characters with uniforms that resemble those of the Nazi SS, fighting against enemies that speak English and possess weapons patterned after those of both real-life Allied and Axis powers. The game was released very late in the life of the Dreamcast. This is the Japanese Limited Edition. It was re-released this year for PS3 and 360.
PSP Monster Hunter NFR Disc
Wii Demos Just Dance 2, MURAMASA The Demon Blade & Boom Blox – My gut says these are overpriced, but I have paid zero attention to Wii NFR Discs.
Russian NES/Famicom Dendy System – Anyway, my friend, he say to me: Ivan, you have great gaming system just sitting around unopened and unplayed. You must sell it on the Ebay, so collectors may be as fortunate as you are! So I say to him, Nikolai my friend, surely you will be Czar or tycoon one day, for you are much wiser than I. The listing will be declared at once, so that we may profit handsomely from my good fortune! Now let us drink some of this vodka, to celebrate the good we have done for the Nintendo collectors today!
CHAO Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Sega Dreamcast UFO Catcher Jumbo Plush Toy – Bids in excess of $300? I didn’tr even know what a Chao was until I Googled it. Seller has other plush as well. Some cool Harvest Moon pre-orders among others, as well as this nice $1.00 Servbot Mega Man Capcom vs SNK Banpresto UFO Catcher Zipper.
Sonic Generations / Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary European Promo Presskit – There is one of these up every other week, but they keep pulling big bucks. I do have to admit though, it is a must have for any hardcore Sonic fans. It looks nice.
Employee Only Zynga Mug Cup – If you buy this, I will punch you.
Sega Megadrive Genesis PIER SOLAR 64 MB Original First Edition – I swear there are more sealed copies of this than opened.
Sega Master System Plus “Rescue Mission” Packaging – Box only. Alternate pack in that looks possibly to be a sticker.
The Warriors Video Game Press Clippings Book – Given to store managers, it contains a selection of press articles about the games release.
Developer signed Portal 2 game sleeve for the PlayStation 3 – Signed by the voice actors and major developers from Valve.
Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots Promo Window Sticker Decal
Nintendo’s Pokemon Pikachu, platinum Key, Mystery Egg Distribution Cartridges – Super cheap so far.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider Jeep Canvas Backpack with Embroidered Movie and Jeep Logo – More bids than I would expect. Maybe Jeep guys want this.
StarCom Coleco ColecoVision Game for the 30th Anniversary – Limited Edition homebrew with a run of 30.
Intellivision Tower of Doom Intv Complete – This isn’t super rare by any means, but it has to be one of my new favourite boxes. Epic cover art.
Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Pack Limited Edition Dreamcast – Game itself is sealed. Love the coin that came with this one.
Sega Mega Jet – The original technology behind the Sega Nomad traces back to the Mega Jet, which was a semi-portable version of the Mega Drive that was used for in-flight entertainment by Japan Airlines. The device lacked its own screen, but could play Mega Drive cartridges when hooked up to a small monitor. A consumer model was later released as well.
Batman NES Nintendo VGA Graded 85 – Good time to sell, with the new movie out. I would have sold a little bit earlier however.

Lastly, my personal pick for the day.

Sealed Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 1993 Sierra

While games these days come in much standardized boxing, you just can’t beat classics like this. The original creator did a Kickstarter awhile back, starting a new studio. They hope to do a four game in the series at somepoint.


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  1. I seriously doubt it, as there just aren’t enough hardcore Game Gear collectors.

    The only comparable game I can think of is Tarzan, a PAL GG release. Arguably the rarest PAL release actually.

    It was another late release (1994) and similarly did not even have a rom dump until circa 2008.

    One sold CIB back in 2010 for roughly $350 US.

  2. In the “Also” section that list other auctions, you might want to put a space between each ones and putting the link part in bold. That would be easier on the eye

  3. Power Drive was also released on the SNES, CD32 and Jaguar, with the latter being the only North American retail version I know of (It’s actually called Power Drive *Rally*, but I think it’s the same game). I assume there are also Amiga and Atari ST versions too. I’ve played the Jaguar version quite a bit, and had a lot of fun with it. It has some neat physics that allow for drifting and some other neat maneuvers. I didn’t even know a Game Gear version existed before this.

    It would have been nice to see a collector get a nice deal on it the first time around rather than just someone looking to flip it for profit….

  4. That Game Gear game is not worth anything, nearly anything and everything related to Game Gear is worthless except for the white model console itself. I happen to own an official genuine Pokemon Gold and Silver 2 in 1 Gameboy Color cart, anyone interested please let me know…

  5. that russian famiclone is called SUBOR. They were cheaper then Dendy’s here back in the days and less desired. Very common too.
    People from Baltic States still sell em brand new. I saw many listing for years..

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