Timetop Gameking Handhelds

Lots of folks mistake these for either Emulators or Game N Watch style technology. However, the Gameking is actually the first (legitimate) original chinese handheld. It featured tons of unlicensed ports of  classic 8 bit era games: Martio, Contra, Mega Man, Moon Patrol, Batman, and even Silver Surfer.
The company released six different models of Gameking’s between 2003 and 2007, with the “GK3” models gm-221 and gm-222 being the rarest. They were advertized in the west as coming soon, but then were quietly released only in asia, and only for a limited time. Â According to the seller, a Timetop rep told him that they were more expensive to produce, so they were only produced for a brief time.
There’s about sixty plus games in the Gameking library, most which were released in Gameboy style ripoff 4 in 1 carts. The GK3 had a smaller library of around twelve games, on “short cart” GBA style cartridges. Â The older black and white games were also backwards compatable with the GK3, which has a color screen.
There’s only around four or five references online of collectors in the west who have a color Gameking, and almost all of them came from this seller.. He is exiting the hobby, and these are his last.
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  1. Well, I’ll put it to you like this….when these sell for what I’m asking, it will be the cheapest I’ve even sold a GK for.

    I know lots of collectors who love the GK line as they combine a certain chinese renegade shadiness, with antiquated retro nostalgia. (Plus the games are fun to play 🙂

    To each there own of course, LK. 😛

    • I am currently living in Spain, in a popular tourist area with loads of chinese asian shops and they all have GameKing consoles, the first and the 2nd ones with the black and white screens. I decided to buy one of each with a few games and threw it on ebay and all i got for them were a few euros each, they were brand new boxed etc, but sold for nothing at all. I would have prefered to have given them away to someone instead. so i am only saying what i am saying based on past experience…. also you cant be too confident in your prices with the best offer option added in the listing. you might have sold your first few color models for good money as there were no others around and the buyers who bought them off you were willing to pay anything for one. but now you have one or two left, you wont be able to sell them for the same price, hence the reason you state these will be the cheapest you have sold them for, and thats if you do manage to sell them. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. No, that’s not the reason. you misunderstand. The Best offer option, is there as I A) enjoy negotiating prices (regardless if i’m a buyer or a seller) and fell that modest negotiation is a sales stimulant. Makes people feel good (myself included). B) I’ve had a very good year and feel no need to play hard ball, and C) I’m moving my family abroad very soon and this feels like a great time to sell.

    I appreciate that you’ve had a different experience with the GK. There are about as many testimonials online of folks that love the gameplay on a GK, as there are folks who do not. Although I’m not selling the 1st or 2nd one, yes I know they are more common. (still, a friend in Uruguay just sold a loose GK1 on ebay about 8 weeks ago for about 100 $. should still be archived online. an aberration, to be sure, but still).

    The GK was my second favorite handheld, and I’m truly sad to bid farewell to them.

    Good luck to you as well. 🙂

    • well, having checked some history i have seen that you were not able to get your 90 dollars for your black and white gameking 2 console…

      • That’s what ebay thinks too. Sold it privatly., via PP with a seller who made me an offer. Fee’s are easier to stomach that’a way. 😛


        • well, i will finish by saying that as of writing this, both of your color gameking consoles have still not sold or even had any offers on them…..yet they have been shown and exposed to hundreds of people through this website.

        • Dont start getting rude to me or being sarcastic just because i am currently correct in what im saying because i know what i am talking about. do yourself a favor and sell them “privately” again like you always have done instead of wasting your time with ebay which is the real market for collectors….or better yet, just toss them in the trash where they belong

  3. I have one of the older black & white Game King 2 models that looks like a PSP. I bought it a long time ago through Super UFO’s site, along with about 13 games for something like $50 as they were blowing them out. Unfortunately, they claimed the full price on customs forms, so the duty I ended up having to pay over $50 in duty. They also sent me the baby blue model, which was the colour I least wanted… but oh well.

    The screen on it is absolutely terrible. It’s almost impossible to see no matter how much you fiddle with the contrast. People sometimes complain about the original Game Boy screen, but this is far, far worse. I’ve considered “upgrading” to one of the colour handhelds, but was never really sure if that would be worthwhile. Spending another $100+ to “enjoy” the GameKing library doesn’t seem like a very sound investment to me.

    The games are somewhat interesting… though fairly shallow. Everything I tried felt like something you’d find on one of those 1000-in-1 Famicom pirate carts, and even when I did find a “good” game, it was implied that I meant “… for a hong kong knockoff”. The box art is surprisingly decent on some of them, though usually stolen from other sources.

    One annoying thing is that the cartridges have this triangular protrusion on the back, so you can’t stack them at all… it also rubs against the label of the cartridge behind it. It’s the only thing preventing you from inserting them backwards, but it makes storing the games very difficult.


  4. Oh, and you’ll love this…..The GK3, the color model, has a screen with pixel alignment that is not a grid. It’s like stadium seating in a theater. Each pixel has 1 pixel to it’s left and right, but above and below it straddles a pair. Does that make sense? It’s a bit like looking through the eye of a fly. Strangest thing ever.

    The GM-219, the one that looks like a PSP ripoff is still my personal fav. Did you remove the annoying background film? As that makes the unit 1000% more fun. Contrast works just fine on mine.

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