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NES Tengen Tetris Prototype – Licensed by Nintendo

This is pretty cool. It was a review copy sent to EGM directly from Tengen. It’s a prototype of the Tengen Version of Tetris which states Licensed by Nintendo on the title screen.

The label reads “Tetris Property of TENGEN INC. #4 Prototype:”. It’s housed in a modified Duck Hunt Cartridge. The EPROMs are protected with a thick tape and the cartridge is glued together to prevent piracy and or duplication.

Auction Here

For history on the Tengen Vs. Nintendo issues, check here.


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Nintendo M82 Store Display Demo Kiosk with Full Size Arcade-style Cabinet – Mentioned this already, but it sold for a cool $4,550.00.


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    • It’s what all the cool kids are doing. Attention as a function of price.

      So theoretically, charging a billion trillion dollars for your slabbed 95+ copy of Borderlands 2 would net out with everyone on Earth knowing that you’re trying to milk a moron for a couple hundred bucks for a game that came out last week.

      Effective, but stupid.

  1. Can’t they only relist once, then have to pay fees? Should just make fake accounts, buy it now, so they have to pay fees then maybe they will stop this nonsense.

  2. That NES Tetris proto looks home made to me, anyone with half the skills of Ben Heck could pull something like this off and call it special, not hard to put text into that title screen either, i have seen it on other NES hacks before on a GBA multi cart…

    • Because you’re a moron.

      The seller was Senior Editor and Art Director for EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) from 1989-1994.

      The proto has the exact same build as a copy I have and is legit as it gets.

      • Not sure you need to attack the dude and call him a moron just because he’s rightfully skeptical of the prototype and doesn’t know the seller’s life story. We can’t all be know it alls who make money off scamming the collector market *shrug*.

        • Lick my nuts, I’ve never scammed anyone.

          The game is legit. Piss and moan about the high cost of games ruining the hobby or something, or that protos are piles of dogshit that only basement dwellers collector, or that they can be easily faked, or that VGA is a bunch of dumbasses who don’t even understand the hobby…

          None of that makes the game a fake.

          • Can you just assume I sarcastically did what you stated instead of me having to type it all out? Would save me a lot of time.

            I’m sure what Jurai is referring to is the whole sealed Flintstones 2 debacle. Scam, no. Skirt ethical lines, reasonable to think so.

  3. Honestly, why collect a prototype? And, its not that hard to create a legit looking, eh, “prototype”. Look at the guys at Timewalk games, they make pretty much authentic boxed games, why couldn’t some body be able to do some crap like this, just like the Zelda cart?

    And so lets say a Nintendo rep, or who ever encountered these “prototypes”, declared this is authentic, why are “collectors” paying so much (if that is ever the case, since we never actually know for sure) for these, or even trying to collect them at all!?

    Why collect RARE games!? Such as DKC comp. cart, not for resale carts, cheetahmen, & Nintendo world championships. I bet more than half of you dimwit virgins didn’t know what these RARE games were before the internet, most of the info come from people who just assume. What concrete research do you guys get your “research”? Lets say yes, they only made 2,500 of the DKC comp. carts, and the info is true, and as for the other RARE games I just mentioned for example… So what!?

    True collecting, is collecting games you know, and played, and love. Not just buy any, and every game you come into contact with! Or is it some kind of OCD, or bragging rights…

    There is this game ‘Gondour of the Eagles tribe’ I have been told they only made about 20 of these, and production was stopped because of financial problems, and fallout between the creators of the game. Reason being, it was originally set for the Atari Jaguar, but it was close to its days of dying, so due to lack of funds, the games distribution was cut off. Only about 20 got through, so enough for the testers, and marketing team to advertise the game, whilst showing its potential. Potential that never got to see the light of day. I have known this for years, a close family friend told me of this, because he worked for a video game distribution company here in IN., and found out I started collecting games, and we talked about it…

    Sounds like most of the crap you hear about these “RARE” games, isn’t it? And VGA??? Gosh, don’t get me started on those idiots πŸ™‚

  4. Side note: I’m burnt out on comments that get personally and ridiculous. I will lock comment threads that degenerate into flame wars going forward.

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