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Starfox E3 “N” Gold N64 Controller

The very first N64 Gold controller came from the 1997 E3 held in Atlanta, Georgia. Here there was a StarFox 64 competition where four people could compete at a time, sitting inside machines that were Airwing replicas. The winner of the round received this gold/black controller with a gold “N” logo. According to the seller, there are only 15 confirmed controllers so far.

Auction Here – One sold in 2010 for around $400.


Dead or Alive 5 Collector’s Edition (Playstation 3) – Looks like the price on this one has bumped up quite a bit.
Lot of 38 Pocket Monster Pokemon Nintendo Gameboy GB Yellow Green Red Blue Japan – Just what everyone needs, nearly 40 Japanese Pokemon games.
NINTENDO DS NITRO IS EMULATOR DEVELOPMENT KIT – Ready to make your own DS games? Quite a bit cheaper than the $3,000 these retailed for originally.
Famicom In A NES Cartridge – Pointless, yet somehow cool.
USA Jack Bros for Nintendo Virtual Boy – Rarest US VB Game. CIB too.
Mr Gimmick PAL PAL-B SCN NES Nintendo – Another CIB rarity. PAL-B Scandinavian release.
Metal Gear Solid Rex Figure by ThreeA – These haven’t even shipped yet but are sold out. It does look pretty awesome. In collaboration with Team Kojima and Konami, the intricately designed figure features a 23-inch long laser cannon and stunning light up component. REX measures 19-inches tall when standing and approximately 14 inches tall in sitting position.
Pokemon Toys R Us Sneak Peek VHS 1998 Video Game Promo – Overpriced, but has been getting offers.
Infogrames RARE Promo Metal Enamel Pin SEGA Armadillo
Sega CD Welcome To The Next Level 1992 Promo Pin
Polygon Head Man – The Original PlayStation Mascot Pin – Polygon Head Man was created as the Playstation mascot for 1995 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) trade show. Shortly after the show the Polygon Head Man mascot was abandoned. This was given out at the 1995 E3 show and given out to SCEA employees.
Nintendo TEAM POWER BLUE New on Card RARE US Promo Enamel Metal Badge
Bulletstorm Nutcracker – Made available only to contest winners back when the game launched. Just in time for Christmas.
PS2 Promo Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater X-Large Cotton T-Shirt
BORDERLANDS 2 4×6 ft Bus Shelter Poster – This would be epic framed.
PSP Dev System
Ghost N Zombies Homebrew game for COLECOVISION – 2009 release, limited to 60 copies.
Mortal Kombat Scorpion COSPLAY facemask
Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land SNES Repo
Sega Genesis Super Mario 1 Homebrew Reproduction – CIB and a good price.
The Art of Metal Gear Solid 2 by Yoji Shinkawa


Borderlands 2 Salvador Poster SIGNED BY CEO OF GEARBOX – Borderlands 1 is on my backlog. Should I bump it up?


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  1. I’m pissed at the DoA5 CE auctions. GameStop has always had tons of extra stock on so-called “Limited Editions” in the past, and often end up clearing them out 6 months later. They’ve recently changed their policy, so games like this are now PREORDER-ONLY. There are no extras in sale on the stores. I was pissed to find they did not offer it for sale on their site on day one either.

    At least I can’t be angry at them for trying to push so-called “limited editions” that aren’t limited anymore.

  2. There is so much misinformation about these gold controllers on the Internet. There are easily at least a hundred of them, I was at the E3 where they were given away in the Starfox competitions. My friends and I stopped by on the last day of that E3 and got additional controllers without having to play the game, just by asking.

  3. Most people estimate atleast 100 if not more were given away, but how many didn’t get thrown out or destroyed since then.

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