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Wii U Preorders Selling Like Hotcakes

Remember the Christmas madness when the Wii launched? Systems were in massive demand and selling for big money on eBay. The same happened with the Wii Fit, with the PS3 and multiple other systems over the years. Already, it looks like the Wii U is going to be no exception.

The basic Wii U Set (White) retails for $299, and the Deluxe Black Wii U set retails for $349. Pre-orders have sold out everywhere.

Secondary sellers on Amazon have the White 8GB Basic Set listed for $440 and up, while the Black Deluxe Set starts at $600.

eBay is all over the place, with completed prices ranging form $370 – $800. Keep your eyes peeled when they hit stores, as they will definitely make a nice little flip for some pre XMAS cash.

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  1. Some guy on NA was talking about scamming the entire preorder system since he was in a regional position to know when any store in his area was receiving units, pretty shitty for legit consumers

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