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Batman Forever Woolworth’s Box Set & Other SNES Rarities

There is like zero info about the on the web. It’s a PAL Limited Edition only available from Woolworths. The set includes: The game, Making Of Game VHS, Batman Diary, Batman Sticker, Competition Entry Form & the outer Slipcase.

There was a Sega Genesis / Megadrive version as well.

The ask is currently $1,608.62 OBO.


Doneky Kong Country SNES Case – Preorder bonus from a Netherlands toy store.
Super Nintendo Killer Instinct + Free Watch Combo – Sealed combo pack with game and KI Watch.
Super Nintendo Super Fun Pak Boxed PAL Console – Super Gameboy bundle.
Super Bomberman Party Pack – Over-sized box with a multi-tap and the Bomberman game.
Super Nintendo (SNES) Super Wild Card – Backup device.
Super Nintendo Play It Loud Hard Case – Some sort of rental case.
Lethal Enforcers CIB – Oversized box with pistol.
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Super Nintendo – Big box with Almanac.
Super Nintendo SNES NES – EarthBound Big Box – Price is never going down on this.
Sealed / Resealed Zombies Ate My Neighbours Alternate Boxart – Nice condition. Love this artwork too.
Another Zombies Ate My Neighbours Alternate Boxart – Looks like crap.
SNES Super Nintendo Sega Genesis Beeshu Jet Fighter Controller – DigitPress had this listed as Rarity 8/9 out of 10. From what I understand this came with extension cables to use this with either SNES or Genesis.
Lufia Big Box German PAL Edition SNES Super Nintendo
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest German PAL Big Box – No game, box and manual/guide only.
Nintendo Super Mario Bros SNES Game Case / Console Box – No idea if this is a legit SNES item. They also have a Game case that looks to go with it.
Maximum Carnage Limited Edition – This set was sold on the QVC home shopping TV channel and limited to 5,000 copies. Aside from a sealed copy of the game the box included a red leather bound collection with The Amazing Spider-Man # 361, 362, and 363 – the first appearance of Carnage. Also include were three metal pins featuring Spider-Man, Venom, and a Gold Carnage pin along with a certificate of authenticity from Marvel. Seller has it massively overpriced.
Factory Sealed ILLUSION OF TIME – PAL Version
Secret Of Mana German PAL Big Box


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  1. The Batman Forever box set is really hard to find, due to several reasons : very very low quantity for snes & megadrive, and the box is really made with a poor & light cardboard. So, like for the Telstar’s compilations, the guys who had bought them don’t keep the outer boxes XD … hard to find.

    In my case, this is the second time I have ever seen one for sell, the other one is a MD I’d purchase for a very few £ years ago :).
    If you want more info, just ask.

  2. I have the megadrive Batman Forever Woolworths set in good condition, wondering how much it is worth too. Anyone know?

    • Awesome question, Ant. I’ve only ever heard of the SNES Woolworths set. Haven’t seen any Woolworths SNES sets sell so far this year. Considering how very rare and expensive they are, you should be able to get at least $1000 or more. I personally recommend holding onto it though. If it were me, I would frame it and hang it on the wall! 😉

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