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Sega Fusion All in One Genesis, Sega CD & 32X Custom

A crazy SEGA fan has crammed a SEGA CD, 32X and Genesis into a Saturn shell and dubbed it the “SEGA Fusion”. Genesis games, Sega CD games, Sega 32X games, Sega 32X CD games! Play it all! No Sega Master System games with a converter though (because of the 32X).

Auction Here – Looks surprisingly good and has a ton of bids already.


Unlicensed Nintendo NES Brazillain Dynacom Caltron 6 in 1
DS Proto Lot (On NA) – Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (gold master, with several pages of submission paperwork), Contra DS (unreleased European version, early alpha, released in US as Contra 4), Aliens: Colonial Marines (beta, cancelled, but later renamed and released as Aliens: Infestation)
Rare Fallout 3 Promo Card from PAX 2008 Demo
Mario Kart DS Figures – Shy Guy, Waluigi, Luigi, Wario & Mario
Elder Scrolls V Oblivion Signed Skyrim Soundtrack
Sweet Costco Original XBOX Blister Sealed Bundle
Promotional Madden 99 EA Sports Water Bottle with Accessories – Includes Original Slim Jim ad and Race Schedule and a Letter from John Madden With reproduction Signature.
Custom Fallout 3 Vault Boy 108 Jumpsuit Costume w/ Ammo Utility Cartridge Belt
Nintendo Gamecube Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker Link Bobble Head
Bioshock 2 Limited Edition Sinclair Solutions Syringe Pen
SILENT HILL COLLECTION for PC (2,3,4, Homecoming) Sealed
Original Sony Playstation 2 store display kiosk
Gears of War 3 Thrashball Cole Resin Statue Full Color Edition
Vintage Silver Atari Jacket
Sharp Twin Famicom


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    • Perhaps…but I challenge you to find them anywhere else. Heck, find any other available DS proto with the paperwork. You can’t, simply put. It’s not so much what I want for them, as I don’t have a set price in mind, but I’ve received an offer at $500 for Castlevania and Contra together (via Digital Press), and then I had someone else message me at NintendoAge saying he’d likely beat any offer I got for those two. So, we’ll see (and whether he beats that figure or not, I’ll probably be selling them). You might more rightly think of this in a similar manner as an eBay Buy-It-Now with the Best Offer feature. Obviously, I don’t expect $400 each for them, but if someone wants to bite at that without trying to offer me less, that’s perfectly fine. Plus, I love to haggle…I’ve gone back and forth who knows how many times with buyers and sellers, even down to the last couple dollars on occasion. It’s part of the game, and one I certainly enjoy 🙂 .

      • Also, watch making reproductions of anything on that CD for profit or otherwise. I’m sure the rights to those files are still owned by the respective developer, ya know?

  1. @mb7241

    I should apologize for my quick judgement. I didn’t really go through and look at the pics and see all the paper work. I’d say $500 is a pretty damn good deal on those two alone.

    As for finding protos for the DS, I myself have found a handful of different proto/debug carts and NFRs. Nothing with all that documentation though. My guess is someone would love to dump those Roms if anything though, that’s why someone is willing to go higher than any other offer ( to preserve the ROM ).

    Good find and congrats! 🙂

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