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The Legend of Zelda UFO Plush Complete Set

Up for grabs is a complete UFO Plush Set: Ganondorf, Young Link + Navi, Link, Zelda and Goron Darunia. Now, my plush knowledge sucks. So can anyone comment on these?

You are bidding on an extremele rare set: a complete UFO plush set from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! These five plushes are extremely hard to get, let alone a complete set! They were only available in Japan and have NEVER been for sale overseas! Even in Japan, these plushes are extremely hard to get. All five plushes are official Nintendo-merchandise made by UFO to promote the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Pretty awesome looking though.

Auction Here


NINTENDO GAME BOY CARTRIDGES GAMES & ASCII SHOWCASE SYSTEM HOLDER – I already mentioned this, but it’s ending today and still cheap. It also remains awesome.
Game Genie Belt Pouch – Anyone know what this is from?
Nintendo Game Boy Advance Rayman 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Blister – Cool, but probably overpriced (OBO though). North American Wal-Mart Exclusive I think.
Nintendo Game Boy Color Pokemon Pikachu Edition – These have apparently rose in price. Or you can opt for a Sealed Edition.
WHOLESALE GAME BOY Lot 100 Nintendo Whole sale Cartridge – Cheap Japanese carts.
Vintage 1988 Nintendo Super Mario and Luigi NES era Beach towel
Atari 2600 4 in 1 cart featuring; Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man – Limited quantities at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in 2009.
N64 “Change The System” VHS Launch Date Nintendo Power Promo Video
1989 Super Mario Bros 2 Legend Of Zelda Nintendo Thermos NES
Capcom Grab Bag SDCC 2012 – Lots of cool stuff in here.


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  1. I have one of those Game Genie pouches, though mine is light blue. I have no idea what they were originally from, but I found mine at a pawn shop for $5 including a Game Genie and a bunch of code books… Didn’t they offer subscriptions to code book updates? Maybe it was a special gift if you did that or something.

  2. UFO catcher dolls generally come out of crane machines in Japan, so they are indeed pretty rare…although UFO catcher used to have a website years and years ago, where you could buy some of them. I have the Princess Zelda plush, somewhere…I think I got it for like $25-30ish back in maybe 2003. This is pretty neat though. I wonder how much it’ll fetch?

  3. I have those Zelda plushes except the Link holding the shield. I bought them probably about 10 years ago on eBay.I bought them for decoration, and I didn’t think I needed two Links. I don’t remember what I spent, but I’m sure it wasn’t that much.

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