White Spitball Sparky Nintendo Game & Watch

Spitball Sparky is a Super Color Game & Watch game released in 1984 by Nintendo. The game is very similar to the arcade classic Arkanoid, except you spit on the ball so that it’ll go back up and destroy the blocks at the top.

When Nintendo released the game in America, they made artwork for the game that had a more detailed character. Also, when manufacturing the game, a few of the units came out white instead of the regular silver color. Apparently, Nintendo didn’t notice the mistake and released the game.

The white version is extremely rare and according to the seller there are only six confirmed to exist.

Auction Here – There’s one bidder so far at several thousand, but it’s a zero feedback account.


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  1. I had one of those white Spitball Sparky Game & Watch games once, but it was loose with no box or anything else. I sold it on ebay sometime last year for around 100 GBP at auction with a small starting price and thats the same amount that i have seen the last 3 go for on ebay a few years before. so its 100% not worth even 1000 and there are more than 6 in existance as at least 1 pops up on ebay every year. I also like how he claims only 6 “ever to be seen” yet he provides no proof of this to back his theory…

  2. What the hell is up with Ebay lately, it seems that EVERYTHING is stepping on the overpriced territory, it’s ridiculous

  3. People keep paying ridiculous prices so people keep selling their stuff for ridiculous prices. Sucks for the rest of us who either don’t have that kind of money or aren’t willing to spend that much, but it’s understandable that the prices are so high if there’s people that keep paying it.

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