Complete Air Raid Atari 2600 – First Ever Found

I’ve had no less than ten people message me about this. Thanks guys! It’s been on my radar, just haven’t had the chance.

So what’s the big deal about Air Raid?

Summing up what I said then, this is a true R10. One of those items that normally go into a collectors hands and stay there, baring any unforeseen financial circumstances.

There had been no confirmation of an existing box for the game until then.

The thing is, Air Raid is historically one of the great mysteries in the 2600 library.
The exact origins of the game was unknown. There was no official data on the programmers, the availability or anything at all actually. There has even been arguments over the actual name of the cartridge, because there is no actually marking on the casing. The box finally closed the door on that one.

Anyways, a second boxed and complete Air Raid was discovered by a family in Southern California. It turns out after they just recently read the story of the first boxed Air Raid sale, which is still making the rounds on the internet, their father recalled he had been given that game by a sales rep for the company Men-A-Vision while he tended a game retail space in a local drug store. After this store closed he was given the video game stock and even the Atari display kiosk, seen here, which all these games have been stored in for around thirty years. It wasn’t until they read of the outrageous selling price of the first one did they even think of these games they had stored.

After digging them out, BOOM confirmed.

Watch them manhandle the game below:

Since finding this game they have decided to list it up for auction and what is even more miraculous, is this game is in even nicer condition than the first one and it is truly a complete specimen as it also includes, the previously unconfirmed existence of, an instruction manual. So to be true, this is the first “complete in box” or “CIB” Air Raid that has ever been found and put up for auction; and it has luckily been stored and well preserved in these protective plexi-glass crates for over twenty years.

Auction Here on Game Gavel


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  1. Thats in real nice shape, its just a shame its not listed on ebay instead. He would have sold it for even more money and it would have gained even more media attention, just like the million dollar tetris MD cart that was signed etc was featured in the Rolling Stones magazine at one point. if that would have gone on some trashy site like ebid then it would not have been the same story.

  2. We are pretty happy with the 8,000 views the auction has had in less than two days. And the owners of the game are happy it has shot from $1 to nearly $20K in less than 24 hours.

    If someone is in the market for a game like this, they will find it regardless of where it gets listed. The press will continue to follow this and more than likely pick it up, especially should it surpass the $31K from the first one sold.

    It all helps us in our attempts to create a less-expensive alternative to eBay and Amazon for gamers.


    Must have been a slow day. Did that actually make it into print?

    Anyways, like Mike said anyone who will actually bid on this is going to find out about it weather it hit’s eBay or not.

    It’s also going to hit Kotaku and every other gaming site in existance and mainstream media as well. Both during the
    auction and once it finalizes.

    Seller gets less fees (or free I have a hunch eh Mike?) and GG gets good publicity. Win win.

  4. Ya, free for sure.

    Anyone with anything rare can contact me and list and sell for free on GameGavel for a few more months 🙂

    I am also pretty well connected in the retrogaming circles too and really did a lot to help promote this listing. I give it lots of attention, eBay could care less if something like this is listed on their site or not. It’s just another listing to them.

    To me and our sellers and members, this brings in more traffic to them, which is really what I care about. My goal is to continue doing what I can to bring more buyers to the sellers on GameGavel and auctions like these do the trick.

    And the support of GameSniped is always much appreciated!

  5. What luck, that’s amazing they found it. And what’s more, the guy seems to actually know a thing or two, knew to contact the Atari community, get authentication… Meanwhile a lot of other people would probably only think of the cash and not take the time to come off as someone that takes the time out to research anything. Plus his auction is typed legibly and looks well thought out!

    Yeah, this should all be expected of anyone but after all the shitty Stadium Event auctions of the past I’ve gotten used to shitty typing and just the general term “RARE!!” being thorn and that’s it. And I’m even more surprised it’s on Game Gavel, instead of eBay who would have sucked up quite a bit of fees. I know if it was me I definitely would never have done eBay myself either, so good choice there.

    Despite the manhandling in that video(lol), I feel glad for this guy and his discovery. Only wish it were me so I could use the money to bring a Conker 64 proto owner out of hiding =p Congrats owner, and Mike for your future publicity 🙂

  6. If you look at other hobbies the top end material is not often sold on eBay. High end comics are often sold on comiclink or at Heritage. In July the artwork for a McFarlane Spider-Man 328 sold for 675,000 on Heritage. Amazing Spider-Man McFarlane covers have sold on eBay in the past but nowhere near the record prices paid on websites that advertised the material where it counts.

  7. Awesome find, I just can’t get over how rough he was treating the games trying to find it. And how rough he was opening the game. 🙂 But then again I have slight OCD.

    GameGavel is an awesome idea! I support it, because it supports us collectors!

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