PAL Super Nintendo Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past Gold Pack

Extremely rare Scandinavian exclusive big box version. Awesome set, but defiantly out of most peoples price range.

Auction Here – Relisted from a 12k sale.


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10 Responses to “PAL Super Nintendo Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past Gold Pack”

  1. The $12k auction is from the same seller selkling the Zelda big box, so it doesn’t look like it sold.

  2. Nice catch port. I think the last one before that was around 8k.

  3. Drag n Derp looks nice, still kind of holding out hopes that krikzz will eventually do an everdrive gb(c) though

  4. Oh, no. Not again. It’s a fraud. Have a look at

  5. it just got out that he pushed it several times..then as he sold it in another effort for “only” 4900 to a legit buyer, he declined to sell it and reauctioned it again.
    He admitted it on the boards discussion.

    • >Ended: Nov 12, 2012
      >This listing was ended by the seller
      >because the item is no longer available.
      I’m looking forward to a new auction auction next month.

  6. so it’s the same item, and he was gonna sell before and backed out, and now he’s trying to sell again for an even higher price?

  7. As far as i could understand the seller wanted to have ebay fees back and backed out the sale in the end.. So he’s kinda full of bullshit, liar, manipulator and time waster.

  8. Here´s another similar item, not the same seller (it´s me) 🙂 2 weeks left!–auktion_301518_173915972

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