NES Virus & Dr. Mario Prototypes

I posted about a Virus (early Dr. Mario) prototype way back in 2010.

Now, three have popped up on eBay.

From the seller:

This auction is for three (3) different first-party NTSC prototype versions of what would later become the game Dr. Mario for the NES. Each one of these unique cartridges represents a different phase in the development of this title.

Virus (1989): Found at a flee market in San Antonio, TX, in 2010 and then sold to me. This is the earliest known prototype version of Dr. Mario, or Virus if you will.

Virus (1990): Found by a guy in California in mid 2008 while helping his friend to move. In July, 2008, it was sold to a Norwegian collector who then sold it to me. This build is from February 2, 1990.

Dr. Mario (1990): I bought this cartridge directly from a source in 2008. It was used to take screenshots for the Nintendo Power magazine.

Auction Here – (Super High BIN)


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2 Responses to “NES Virus & Dr. Mario Prototypes”

  1. that zelda collection is nice, I only have the jap ocarina/master quest disc, didn’t realize they’d put out a retail packaged ocarina/major for jp

  2. Thanks for the feature! – I have extra carts if people don’t want a whole lot. Lot has been repriced to sell FAST!

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