Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition Xbox 360 Brand New & Sealed

Been awhile since I mentioned this one.

In September 2008, EA released a “Ultra Limited Edition” version of Dead Space. They only made 1,000 of these and quickly sold them out at $149 each.

This box set includes the Dead Space videogame, Special Ultra Limited Edition packaging, Bonus content DVD, exclusive custom lithograph art illustrated and signed by Ben Templesmith, 97-pg Dead Space art book written and illustrated by the development team, 160-pg Graphic novel and Ishimura crew patch.

Auction Here – Easily one of the most expensive 360 games out there.


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  1. Those DS skins are not “signed by Miyamoto”. These were an E3 handout, they are copies of his signature, which you can clearly tell since the signature ends where the print ends on the sheet.

  2. So I bought one of these Dead Space Ultra Limited Editions from the EA store when they first came out and its un-opened and brand new. So for the speculators out there, when the Xbox is said and done do you believe this game will continue to climb in value or do you think its best days are behind it?

  3. I’ve personally found that those types of limited editions sell at their highest around the release of a sequel (at least on Ebay). Therefore, now is probably one of the better times to sell it with the release of Dead Space 3 right around the corner.
    That being said, the price of the edition will probably hold most of its value due to the popularity of the series and rarity of the edition.

    Also, the average I’ve seen it go for is between $700-1,200 (if I recall correctly). The copy here is already above $800 with 3 days left–which is a very good sign. It would seem my speculation concerning price related to sequels, etc., may hold true. If you need the $$$, now would prob be the best time to get the most out of it…

  4. How the hell did that copy of MGS1 sell for $66? It’s just a piece out of the US Essentials Collection and the individual parts weren’t individually sealed iirc (right?(, which means it’s a reseal. Somebody got ripped off…..

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