BioShock Infinite – Murder of Crows – Vigor Replica Bottle

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  1. These items are for trade only. I do not want money, but may accept offers. They are very collectible and hard to find.
    All the items I am offering are new and Sealed, with the exception of the Bioshock Faceplate. I am located in Grand Rapids, MI United States of America.

    Pictures on my Facebook:

    What I have that I can trade:
    -Dead Island Riptide Steelbook Signed by Deep Silver Team ( I believe 100 are signed) These were given out at PAX Prime 2012.
    -Bioshock Faceplate (This will be the plastic case a faceplate usually comes in, not the Welome to Rapture box)
    -Fallout 3 Information Card for PAX East 2011 Visit booth 632
    -Fat Man Desk Nuke still in the Cardboard
    -Fallout 3 Preorder bonus still sealed (Soundtrack and Poster)
    -Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide small booklet.
    -ZombiU Beanie Still Sealed in Plastic
    -Dead Island Comic Book
    -Vault Boy Puppet Sealed in Plastic
    -Borderlands Yellow Men’s T-shirt Signed by Randy Pitchford and David Eddings
    -Gears of War Lancer Replica
    -Little Big Planet Billboard, note that this one does have a little standard wear as these were placed in public, but also the launch date is incorrect on it
    -Fallout 3 Survival Edition, never used only opened to make sure no damage done to clock. The lunch pale is still sealed NTSC
    -Also Not rare, but Sealed Copy of Batman Arkham City Collectors Edition Xbox 360 NTSC

    What I am Looking for
    -Sander Cohen Statue
    -Andrew Ryan Statue
    -Murder of Crows Vigor Replica Bottle
    -Dark Souls Statue

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