NES Exotics – A few obscure games you can own for less than the cost of Little Samson

This post is dedicated to NES collectors who want something new and different. Tired of chasing Stadium Events and Little Samson carts? If you want a conversation piece for your collection and not the same ol’ same ol’, look no further.

Here we have War in the Gulf for the NES. It was an unlicensed SHMUP game released around 1991 in Brazil and a few other territories. The one from this auction is the Brazilian CCE version. The game is quite graphically impressive and provides a nice challenge for hardcore SHMUP fans. Did I mention this game features music from popular rock/metal bands? See my site here for more details: NES Artifacts – War In The Gulf. Nonetheless, these don’t pop up too often, especially boxed. Auction here

The same seller also has the Hyperboy version as well. The Hyperboy version is equally or even more hard to find.


Gluk Volleyball CIB – One of the rarest Gluk releases

Milmar Silent Assault CIB – Brazilian release of Silent Assault

Smart Boy Tetris – This is one of a few Smart Boy releases for NES. These were available at certain rental stores, and were mainly sold as cheap alternatives to official releases. Very tough to find

Asian version Metroid cart only – Want a new variant for your Metroid collection? This is an official Asian release of Metroid, featuring different artwork.

Sneak ‘n Peek for NES – A homebrew created by KHAN Games. It’s a well-done port of the Atari 2600 game of the same name. This release is out of print, and there’s not too many out there. Fun game to boot!

Bust-A-Nut Flight of the Harbinger – This is a homebrew created and released by NintendoAge member “Mario’s Right Nut”. It comes CIB with a unique case design as well as many inserts.

Super Turrican for NES – This is a PAL exclusive (works fine on NTSC as well) released in 1993. It is a proper port of the Turrican series and is the only licensed NES game that was created by 1 single person, Manfred Trenz, whom did the graphics, programming, design, and music! I’d consider this a hidden gem for NES, not only a collector’s piece, but a joy to play as well.

Rodland – Another PAL exclusive, released only in select European countries on the NES. Tough to find, US seller too!

Miss Peach World – Miss Peach World is a hack of the Color Dreams game Menace Beach. The game was distributed through the japanese company Hacker International and featured cutscenes of nude women. Little known fact, the prototype for this game was entitled “Mr. Assy”. 😉

Minty CIB Crisis Force for Famicom – Excellent SHMUP for Famicom. The game features impressive technical effects that push the NES to its limits. It also features simultaneous 2-player co-op! Great condition CIB starting at 99 cents.






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  1. I love calling a homebrew or repro rare or ‘R10’ when they were made very recently and more importantly, can be made on demand. Guess this seller got sick of the deluge and got burned out on repro/homebrews like I did. Just too many, everyone trying to make theirs the ‘special’ one everyone just had to have. Just like 2600.

    • I never stated any of the carts were “rare” per se, just something more obscure to own. I agree that it’s kinda dumb the seller wrote “R10, extremely rare” for a homebrew… but nevertheless they are fun games, and not something you see all the time. Nothing I posted was a repro anyway.

  2. Just get an EverDrive N8, and fill it with these ‘hacks’.

    Repros destroy real cartridges, and remove real games from the collecting scene. Either make your own shells, labels, and pcb boards, or stop ruining REAL games.

    • I hear ya, Bob.

      On one hand, these hacks are great for the retro collector scene. They offer fresh takes on classics we love and grew up with. However, if they come at the cost of taking legit copies of a game out of the market and cannibalizing them for homebrew or hacks, that’s not cool and ultimately hurts the scene.

      You even see it with the new Metroid rom-hack, Rogue Dawn. Original copies of the NES classic have to be hacked ultimately altering the game. I hope someone steps and starts manufacturing new copies of this rom and cart/board.

      To some degree, we’re reaching a point where we risk losing certain important artifacts from gaming history due to bit-rot, poor ownership, wastefulness, and the ever present creep of time. That’s why preservation projects like retro game museums and online rom dumps are so vital. The good news is We may see the cannibalization slow somewhat thanks to advancements in 3-D printing. Regardless, it’s an interesting time to be a collector.

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