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Sega Pluto is back

After an and unsuccessful auction over at Game Gavel, the owner of the second Sega Pluto to see the light of day is back, this time on Ebay.  For anyone unfamiliar with the Pluto, this was Sega’s attempt to built a NetLink modem into a Saturn.  About as long as an Genesis 2/Sega CD 2 combo, the system has very little in common with the original Saturn, save the convex CD lid and Saturn symbol.  The buttons look more like a Neo Geo AES than anything that Sega was designing at the time.

Personally, I prefer rare games I can play to prototype hardware, but if you have the cash, this is a nice piece to add to any elite collection.  Imagine if the Pluto had the built in 1 or 4 meg RAM cartridges from Japan ready to play a flood of localized fighters from Capcom and SNK.  A gamer can dream of what could have been…….

Oh Mummy  Another copy of the recent Genesis/Mega Drive home brew is up for auction.  I have yet to play the game but I’ve heard good things.  If you want to keep the home brew section of your collection up-to-date here’s your chance to add a title many missed out on.

SMS Power Strike Mail-in version  A nice copy of a rare Master System shooter from Compile, the famous developers of the Aleste series.

GG Aleste  Another one from Compile.  I’ve owned this game for about a decade and it ranks high for Game Gear shooters.

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  1. Wasn’t the Saturn bad enough..Now we need the crappy Pluto prototype? Probably has tons of pop up just like its predecessor. Much like Pluto was relegated to dwarf status this failed console is most likely what caused Sega to be relegated to software designer only status.

    Lame! Good riddance to Sega hardware.

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