LaserActive Madness!

My personal retro speciality is the Pioneer LaserActive – I contribute actively to perhaps the most active LaserActive blog on the web – and so I couldn’t help but post about this bumper crop of LaserActive auctions, all starting at a low minimum bid of $25. While all LaserActive games aren’t easy to come by, some of the games in this collection are truly rare – you’re going to want to keep your eye on these for the next week. Below, I’ve included the links and various descriptions of each game for auction. Happy bidding, and expect a full LaserActive price guide from me in the future!


Melon Brains – A semi-interactive documentary on dolphins with trippy visuals. Sort of a proto-DVD. The English version in this auction is rare.

Hyperion – A space-shooter by Taito, best described as a mix between Starblade and the original Star Fox. The only true co-op game on the LaserActive, and one of the best games on the platform – a true adrenaline rush! English only.

I Will: The Story of London – A strange edutainment FMV mystery game themed around the city of London. Bilingual.

Ghost Rush – A randomized dungeon crawler that uses charming puppet stop animation for its enemy graphics. Fairly rare, bilingual.

Don Quixote: A Dream in Seven Crystals  – A true anime RPG in humble Dragon Quest style. Quite a long trek, but with some truly good animation. English version in this auction is extremely rare, the rarest of the bunch here.

The Great Pyramid – Another semi-interactive documentary, this time on the Great Pyramids of Giza. English version.



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  1. Looks great! I’ve got a pioneer console not too long ago. Came with pyramid patrol made by taito. Just wondering since you quite into the laser active stuff. Every seen a NEC licensed console? Pretty rare from what I’ve heard. Anyways nice find!

    • Never seen an NEC clone unit in the wild, but I know they exist. Recently discovered that Aiwa (famous for putting Megadrive hardware in places it doesn’t belong) manufactured one too.

  2. I know absolutly nothing about this system 🙁 I consider my self a pretty hardcore collector as well. I currently have a little over 2000 games and I am going for a complete N64 boxed collection but I have actually never even messed with this system nor do I think I have ever seen a game in the wild.

    • If you keep your eyes peeled, it’s quite easy to see games for sale on eBay. What’s rare is seeing them for sale at a fair price – NEVER trust any BINs for LaserActive stuff, they’re always marked up by at least 200%.

  3. Lol for some reason I lol’d at the title “Melon Brains”. I’m sure it’s a great video hah!

    • Melon Brains refers to the brain cavity in the dolphin’s skull – it’s prominent in their forehead, so it’s called the “melon”!

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