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Ninja Gaiden NES Prototype

Ninja Gaiden, first released in arcades in 1988, and later on NES in 1989 (North America), is known for its innovative use of cutscenes and notorious difficulty. Prototypes of NES games are commonly sold for high prices, and are also highly coveted by those who don’t want to own simply retail versions. Often times, a prototype will contain unfinished content, cut content, and edited content. These edits may be censoring of certain text and pixel-violence, or simple color swaps. This prototype of Ninja Gaiden already has 12 bids and is up to $770 USD, so if this is your “holy grail” of NES games/prototypes, you’re going to have competition.

Video from seller

Auction for Ninja Gaiden Prototype


I have found some more arcade cabinets for sale, but I wish I knew more about them. I can not ensure that these are reasonably priced, but they are some easily recognized games.

NBA Jam Arcade Cabinet – Local pickup or have a shipping company take it to you

1979 Space Invaders Cabinet – Plays 8 games, has worldwide delivery

Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet – Has free shipping, but the price seems pretty steep at $2,500 USD

Super Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet – Local pick-up in California, definitely has seen better days but does have bids

 Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Sit Down 1 / Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Sit Down 2 – I have found two auctions for the Trilogy Arcade, and they both seem to be in good condition.  They are both in the $2,000 USD range, and it seems like they might not be worth that much. One has bidding starting at $1,500 USD and the other is a buy-it-now or best offer at $1,995 USD — both have a freight shipping option.

On to some other auctions

Exile: Wicked Phenomenon – A hard to find game for TurboGrafx-CD, one sold for only $45 USD last year and this one is up to $150 USD

 Signed Gold Legend of Zelda Game Boy Advance SP by Shigeru Miyamoto – This is something I wish I had the money for, as Miyamoto does not sign very many items.

Toys ‘R Us Gold Nintendo 64 System In Box – Includes everything to operate, and includes Mario Kart 64


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    • Cant really say its overpriced. I could see if it was buy it now. but with it being bids i wouldnt really consider it overpriced. seems a couple ppl really want it. But on the other hand i can also see how its overpriced. No way in hell would i pay more than 100$. NG sucks ass just saying.

      • The going rate for any NES prototype with few or no differences is $300 tops. Sure, this is a big franchise but twice that? Redonk.

        • Just takes those 2(+) ppl who have to have it. I know there was a couple ppl on NA who were activly seeking a NG proto(wich one idr). Its prolly the reason its so high. With the MASSIVE increase in so called “collectors” prices for everything has gone redonk. (I e Bonks adv and the stupid pal SE sales a couple weeks ago) Im really wanting a plumet to happen i just cant see payin some prices ppl are paying now.

  1. What do you guys think the value of that GB signed by Miyamoto is? And would that be a better collectable or a signed copy of the Legend of Zelda for the NES?

    • The price on the GBA is high because the system is basically brand-new and is also limited edition (Typically these Legend of Zelda limited editions are even more popular). Miyamoto’s signature will definitely add value, maybe the NES LoZ game would be worth anywhere from $300 to $700.

      An NES with Miyamoto’s signature sold for $1000. I think the NES game would be more collectible as it would be more symbolic of his work, and it’s easier to display.

  2. It’s not over priced. Who’s to say that anyways? There isn’t a price guide so it’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

    Someone paid 2k for a Final Fantasy prototype within the past couple months.

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