This breeding experiment costs you 10 grand

What we have here is a rare crossbreed between a Pioneer LaserActive and an NEC TurboDuo — the “liger” of consoles, as it were. It wasn’t on the market for long and it’s crazy expensive, and so are the versions of TurboGrafx-16 titles that only worked with the system (some of which are included).

Other possibilities:

GTA III Promotional Cardboard Standee

GTA IV Promotional Baseball Bat

“Promotional Use Only” 2600 Complete In Box

Nintendo PlayChoice-10 Memo Notepad

Complete TMNT Tournament Fighters For NES

Sealed NES Black Box “Mario Bros.”

Rare NES Cart For “Snow Brothers”

Written by Torque Smacky

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  1. I may be wrong here, but the headline auction here is just NEC’s rebadged version of the LaserActive, along with an PAC-N1 (also rebadged? Kinda hard to tell from the pics). Certainly very rare and obscure, but functionally identical to Pioneer’s hardware.

    The games included with the auction are just PC-Engine and TG-CD games, none of which explicitly *require* a LaserActive.

    If the guy really expects 10k monies, he could at least take some better pictures.

  2. LaserAvtive expert here to clarify – yes, the unit above is merely NEC’s clone hardware of Pioneer’s CLD-A100 player. The NEC PAC-N1/N10 (depending on region) gives TurboDuo abilities to any LaserActive.

    Aiwa also created CLD-A100 clone hardware, but all of the visual evidence of it on the internet is long gone.

    • Also, may I add (sorry, I don’t have an edit button), the auction is HIDEOUSLY expensive, as most LaserActive BINs are. I’ll be writing a LaserActive Price Guide for the site in the future πŸ™‚

  3. The seller of that auction uses eBay for his own masturbation. If you click on his completed auctions, he simply takes shitty instagram-like images of rare shit and then posts it with dumb ass price to gain attention.

    He’s been doing it for years.

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