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When it comes to video game fan bases, few if any can hold a candle to the Earthbound community. The game is one of the most beloved of all time, and like most popular franchises, that has caused some serious competition over carts. The game alone sells for hundreds, complete copies that have been qualified by VGA have closed well North of $4,000. What you’re looking at here far exceeds both in regards to rarity and collectiblity!

This is a pre-production prototype of Earthbound for the SNES. There are very, very few of these known, and one hasn’t sold publicly on Ebay in recent history (personally, I’ve never seen one listed). When it comes to Earthbound collectibles, this is the grail of all grails! Do not miss your chance to snatch this up as you may never have the chance again!

As mentioned, this game has been inspected and authenticated by the Video Game Grading Authority and is the real deal. Not only is it encased to protect and authenticate, it also comes with a signed letter of authenticity. The NG designation stands for No Grade and is given to all games that do not have a comparative value. Since this game is a one of a kind, there is no scale to base it on.

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  1. As I said elsewhere, I see a conflict of interest when the guy(s) validating protos for slabs are selling proto slabs.

  2. Looks like it sold.

    Anyway to see how much it sold for? I wonder if someone hit the BIN to F with the seller.

  3. i think its bullshit that vga requires a 50$ validation fee on top of casing fee. i wanted mine case just cuz i really enjoy the cases themselves and the label at the top. 60$ is totally worth it but im not paying a extra 50$ for some guy to tell me my protos are real. i have the receipt and the emails from the OWNER of the fucking company and the original code writer who made the games from where i bought them. i feel they might be a little more knowledgeable to tell me my carts are proto/dev than some guy at vga just saying.

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