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The PS1 Dex Drive

The Playstation 1 Dex Drive, from Interact, gifted its owner the ability to download saves from anywhere on the Internet and transfer them to a PS1 memory card. The reverse was also possible — it let you back up saves to your PC’s hard drive, or post them online for others to play with.

Originally difficult to find, it’s now become rather cheap. The fact that its gargantuan plug doesn’t fit into any modern computer may play a role in that. There’s also the fact that a floppy drive is required to install its firmware…..and that transferring saves from a PS3 to a PC can be done with a USB stick or an SD card these days.

New Dex Drive ($9.95)
Used Dex Drive ($7.00)

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Written by Torque Smacky

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  1. I still have my original Dex Drive! It was such a great device at the time. I also had that Dreamcast Memory card that you could plug into your computer. The PS3 accessory to transfer memory cards has pretty much replaced the need for a Dex Drive. Also the original BC PS3 with unlimited Virtual Memory Cards is pretty much the best thing ever.

  2. Dont forget Ujn, all PS3s, no matter the model, support PS1 games and unlimited memory cards. PS2 support was the only BC that was removed.

    • Thanks Borman, I didn’t realize that was the case. The removal of the PS2 BC definitely hurts my view of the non original PS3 systems, but keeping the PS1 and unlimited memory cards is a plus!

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