Any Idea What Machine This Is?

A reader send along these images of an old Pong clone they have. Anyone identify this?


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  1. So I am not 100% sure but someone I work with here in Italy says he has a old pong table top cabinet in his dads basement that has been sitting down there for the last 25 years or so unused. He said whenever I go back to the states I can come grab it and he would give it to me for free. I have no clue what it looks like but from the description it kinda sounds like it would be what is pictured. Obviously this does you no help in identifying it but I enjoyed the photos. I was hoping this was going to be a auction on ebay to get a feel for the value

  2. This comment section should be about information on what the pictured machine is, not bitching about what you think the site is for.

  3. Tadpole- I’d be willing to bet your friend’s dad has the Meadows 4-in-1 table top ‘Pong’ game. It’s octagonal shaped, and has 4 joysticks instead of spinners (like this game). It seems more common than this or Challenge (and a recent one on eBay got a best offer of $65 on a $100 BIN listing).
    Another close match to the one being asked about is Mirco’s Challenge (it’s in KLOV). It looks really close, but it’s round not octagonal…
    But those do seem to be the most well-known games of this particular discription… No mention of ‘Hi-Land International’ anywhere that I can find.

  4. Wait, think I found it:
    Scoring by Volley
    (in KLOV/Arcade Museum if that link doesn’t work, not sure if we can post links here…)
    It looks like the 6 buttons under the coin acceptor might have been put in afterwards, but other than that, the game looks exactly the same… (Still no idea about ‘Hi-Land’, unless maybe they made them for Volley?

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